Friday, September 11, 2009


Today is the day. Pearl is 100 days old! Preparations have been going on since about 6 PM yesterday. My parents are on the other side of Atlanta at the big Asian grocery store, picking up rice cakes and other assorted food decorations.

...and baek-il (pronounced more like BEG-il, use the tip of your tongue to pronounce the "L" if you have any idea how to do that) is the smaller of the two traditional baby celebrations. My parents spent quite a while yesterday setting up the tables and the backdrop for pictures. No doubt they will go even crazier for her first birthday (dol). There will be traditional clothes (hanbok) involved for that one too.

Unfortunately, it is a dreary day outside. I had planned on taking pictures at a pretty gazebo in our neighborhood. Normally I like and welcome dreary days, but it seems like every time I want it to be sunny, the weather ends up being like this. I will have to do the best I can in our poorly lit house.

I will be taking lots of pictures today, of which you will get to see some. Those of you lucky enough to have access to our Picasa album will probably see a few more ;)

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  • Iris

    Happy baek-il, Miss Pearl!! Gomo just saw some pictures and you look absolutely precious. <3 Gomo misses you and loves you!!