Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pearl's Rules for the Junk House

  1. Baby must be held at all times
  2. Sitting down is strictly verboten
  3. Standing still while holding a baby is also strictly verboten
  4. If you must do chores around the house (all chores, as a rule, are discouraged), they must not be ones like folding laundry or cooking dinner, which require the do-er to stand in one place
  5. Daddy must never, ever play his computer games
  6. Baby must never be worn in a baby carrier facing inwards
  7. Baby must never be put down to sleep someplace where she cannot touch a parent
  8. Eating is a luxury only Baby should be afforded
Failure to observe these rules shall result in swift and severe punishment.

This PSA is brought to you by Pearl, who is even now reminding me that I am breaking rule #2.

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  • Birdie

    Wildchild has a very similar set of rules! He has grown past being held all the time and now just likes to "check in" with us while he plays. Unless, of course, his game needs a playmate, then we must drop everything and join him. ;)

  • Iris

    Aww, I love holding babies - I bet she was lovingly spoiled by 할아버지 & 할머니 when they visited. ;) But at some point, I can see that it would be hard to get stuff done around the home.

    Miss Pearl should be included as a contributor to the blog! :)

  • JunkMale

    Don't forget:

    "Standing still while rocking back and forth is STILL standing still. Especially standing still while rocking back and forth while trying to do stuff on the computer."