Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Muslim First, Then American"

I have read that Major Nidal Hasan (the Fort Hood guy, for anyone who lives in a cave, in which case that means your cave has internet access, which is really cool..) considered himself a Muslim first, American second.

Would I be classified as a dangerous individual then, since I am a Christian first, American second? After all, I am an alien and stranger to this world, and my first allegiance is to God. (then again, I do not seek to do violence against anybody, so maybe the government would not consider me a threat) Indeed, I believe this should be the view of any devout Christian. I don't believe that being a Christian (or Muslim, or Mormon, etc...) above all else automatically makes someone a dangerous person.

In searching for the phrase "muslim first then american," I came across this interesting blog post from September 2006. It's from a blog called Muslims For a Safe America, and the particular post shows the results of a survey of 307 American citizen Muslims who were attending an Islamic Society of North American conference. Here's one of the interesting questions:

Do you consider yourself to be a Muslim first, an American first, or both equally?
MUSLIM FIRST 214 (70%)

Well, I got news for people who are outraged over this Muslim-first-American-second bit. If this surveyed group is at all representative of the general Muslim population, then an overwhelming majority of Muslims consider themselves Muslims first, Americans second.

Then again, Major Hasan was in the military, otherwise known as the blow-stuff-up arm of the United States government. It seems to me that anyone who voluntarily joins the U.S. military ought to do so partly out of a desire to keep Americans safe, and at least not harbor terroristic ideologies.

Here are some more interesting results from the survey:
Did Muslims hijack planes and fly them into buildings on 9/11?
YES 117 (38%)
NO 139 (45%)

This one is puzzling, and would've been nice if the people answering "NO" had a chance to explain their answers. Is it that they do not believe that the hijackers were not true Muslims, or is it that they believe that blonde haired blue eyed John Smiths were the real hijackers and the media is in on a big conspiracy to cover up that fact?

If you learned about a plot by Muslims to attack targets inside America, would you tell law enforcement authorities?
YES 234 (76%)
NO 39 (13%)

While I'm glad that 76% would notify authorities, it's a bit unsettling that 13% would not. Then there are the 11% of the surveyed who did not answer this question. What would they do? Why did they not answer? Fear of retribution from other Muslims, due to being a snitch? Or fear of answering the question because their answer was "no"?

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  • CappuccinoLife

    hijackers--I think they think the "real" hijackers were Israeli's, in collaberation with former President Bush.

    The rest of it--yep, I'm Christian first. Part of being a Christian means I don't go around killing innocent people and blowing up buildings and crashing planes into them, but I am still Christian first.

    I hope that those who are Muslim-first have a similar understanding of their religion that would prevent them from participating in or approving of terrorist acts on the nation that they are blessed to live in.