Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pearl's 8 Month Performance Review

Wow, 8 months...

Our Pearl is becoming more and more mobile every day. She has started crawling within the month. At first it was more of a shambling type of move-every-part-of-the-body-so-I-can-move-a-little-forward crawling, but she is now starting the traditional hands-and-knees crawl.

She is doing some form of pulling up to standing. If she has something low to grab on to, she will do it. She LOVES to practice her walking.

She definitely knows what "milk" means, both sign and word, but I'm not sure if she understands that she can request it herself. When we say it to her, she just starts smiling and laughing in a sort of "haha yes pleasegiveittomeNOW" manner. I think she understands what "dirty diaper" and "get down and play" means. Either that or she just smiles whenever we make hand motions at her.

I think we trained her a bit too well on not taking anything but a real nipple in her mouth. She still isn't eating much solids, but we are planning to give her a few items every time we sit down to eat. She is not really too enthused and is probably thinking "Why eat this when I can just have milk whenever I want...?" She is definitely not losing any calories though, as she is about 20 pounds now, which is very near where her cousin is, who is 8 months older than her.

She has been vocal for a bit now, but only recently has actually started making some consonant noises, as you see later in the video. Sometime last week she actually did say "abba" (Korean for "dad") as clear as we say it, but we don't think she actually knew what it meant. She tries to say "mmaa" but apparently those brain connections have not quite been made yet, poor dear.

With the advancement in physical milestones yet being slightly behind in verbal, you'd think she was a boy or something ;) But no, she is my little girl (I know, I change a lot of diapers) and I loves her forever :D

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  • US

    she is perfect. She is NOT behind in anything! I promise, after 5 of my own, they all do things at their own pace regardless of books or "normal milestones". My 18 month old speaks more with looks than words (actually, no real words yet). They will talk (believe me!), crawl and walk in their own time. Again, Pearl is perfectly as God designed her, don't rush her development - enjoy the baby while you can.

  • CappuccinoLife

    Awwwww. Cute attack!

    She is beautiful and sweet and adorable.

    Mine were all slow to crawl and walk (never had a walker before 12 months), and also "slow" starting verbally. No year-old talkers in our house. But as they got older they picked up speed. :)

    Also, IMO offering food but not pushing it is *fine*. My last one really didn't even have an interest in solids until 13 months, and didn't start eating any measurable quantity of them until 15 months. Breastmilk sustained him very well. :)