Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Your Last Meal

At my office, the punishment for violation of security procedures is to bring in a box or two of donuts for the office. This is a very very cruel punishment. For all the rest of us, not necessarily the person who had to buy the donuts. I do not know why we are subjected to such cruel and unusual punishment.

It is true, we do cheat sometimes in our generally healthy eating, and splurge in a donut every now and then. Whenever someone brings in donuts, I always sneak one out to bring to Harmony.

This got us talking about last meals and what our's would be. Here I confess that I am not high class in any sense - my last meal would probably be a fast food hamburger (Big Mac probably, Harmony calls McD hamburgers "wormburgers") and a box of hot just-made Krispy Kremes. Perhaps half original glazed and the other half some variety of glazed creme filled or jelly filled donuts. See more of varieties here, and don't blame me if you are suddenly filled with the urge to buy a box. Then again, I suppose I would be mostly to blame there.

I think Harmony said her last meal would consist of something from Captain D's. Assuming that you knew when your last meal would be, and assuming you would be willing and able to eat (i.e. your guts are still intact and you are not wrongly on death row or something like that), what would your's be?

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3 have poured out their souls in electronic text:

  • Laura

    A huge plate of crispy, salty hash browns with plenty of crisp bacon on the side. (I mean plenty.)

    And tiramisu afterwards. Spiked with a bit of rum. ;-)

  • Sherry

    I would like to have fried chicken with mashed potatoes and string beans, maybe string bean casserole. Some kind of chocolate (cake, brownies, candy bar) would be a perfect dessert. Since I am older, I seem to have succumbed to my Mom's perfect ending to a meal, a cup of decaf coffee with real CREAM and sugar!

  • Julie

    Since getting pregnant and having to go on insulin I have had to give up many, many, yummy foods.
    My husband has been informed that if he does not have a Krispy Creme donut waiting for me (or a dozen.. whatever) after I safely deliver this baby he will not be welcome in my hospital room. LOL (Just kidding, but I seriously can not wait for that donut!!)
    Funny thing is that I don't remember the last time I had a donut. We eat mostly healthy and have not indulged in donuts in a long time.