Friday, April 30, 2010

Birdwatching Update, April 30

I have seen:

*Blue Jays
*Brown-headed Cowbirds
*Purple Martins
*Carolina Chickadees
*Summer Tanagers
*Tufted Titmice
*A mama Mallard

One more month to go! I'm only two away from my goal of learning to identify by sight ten new birds this spring!

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  • Joanne

    I really like to watch birds :) We just moved from NE to MO, so we are seeing a few new birds this year. We've lived in TX before and have seen some of these, however it's so exciting to be living here and seeing them regularly :) A few new ones are:

    -Indigo Bunting
    -Meadowlark (those are in NE, however not many ... they are all over here!)
    -Scissor tailed fly catcher

    Ok, one more thing ... I know this is not a bird, but it's new to us, and kind of funny ... we keep seeing dead armadillos on the roads. I am beginning to wonder if LIVE ones exist. Of course they do, but I have yet to see one alive. They must be really slow and dumb; my daughter thought maybe they have a hard time seeing, so they get hit a lot??

    Lord bless you - keep enjoying God's creation.

    In Christ,
    Joanne in MO