Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Can you tell me why...

... I can serenely and sweetly fold the same article of clothing ten times when Pearl is wreaking havoc affirming that nature loves entropy helping me with the laundry, and yet I want to pull out my hair when I have to stop folding that same piece of clothing and stop her from pulling Luna's ear or pulling plugs out of sockets?

... God decided to make pollen an allergen? Or more specifically, why did God made antihistamines dry up my milk supply? One Claritin, that's all I took, and the next day was slim pickings for Pearl.

... Pearl cannot seem to learn that biting is very, very bad, ouch, don't DO that, you're leaving marks on me, NO, that hurts? And why is she the one who winds up crying when I'm the one in pain?

Blogging is therapeutic. :-)

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