Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bird watching, Finale

After 3 months of bird watching, I can now identify

*Robins (by sight and by song)
*Cardinals (by sight and by certain calls)
*Brown-headed Cowbirds (by sight and by calls)
*Purple Martins
*Carolina Chickadees
*Summer Tanagers
*Tufted Titmice
*Female Mallards
*Brown Thrashers
*Sparrows (although please don't ask me to distinguish between the various types of sparrow!)

These are all new to me, either because I've never knowingly seen one before, or because I didn't know its call. I am very proud of myself for reaching my goal of 10 birds this spring. This was a lot harder than I originally thought it would be! Now I move on to summer, when I will be learning to identify wildflowers. And, hey, at least the wildflowers will stay still while I bring the field guide over to them!

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