Monday, September 27, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: 9/27/10

This is going to be a two-week plan, because I'm too worn out these days to do this more frequently than once every two weeks. :-P

leftovers and vegetarian chili for JunkMale; tuna and crackers, leftovers, baked potatoes, and various other odds and ends for the ladies.

Monday - spaghetti with meat sauce
Tuesday - slow cooker jambalaya
Wednesday - slow cooker jambalaya
Thursday - slow cooker jambalaya
Friday - (something special TBD to serve our company)
Saturday - Key West chicken + rice and peas
Sunday - Key West chicken + rice and peas
Monday - chicken spezzatino (double recipe)
Tuesday - chicken spezzatino
Wednesday - chicken spezzatino
Thursday - chicken spezzatino
Friday - pork and sweet potato stew
Saturday - pork and sweet potato stew
Sunday - λ§ˆνŒŒλ‘λΆ€ (Ma Po Tofu)

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2 have poured out their souls in electronic text:

  • Marianne

    Do you know how inspiring this is? I've got dinner for tonight figured out, but beyond that I'm a mess!

    Thanks :)

  • Harmony

    Oh, Marianne, if you only knew the state of my home the last few months. ;-)

    Eating out, instant meals, not even thinking about dinner until 5pm (we usually eat between 5 and 5:30). It's been bad. Just ask JunkMale how many times in the last two months he's had to eat kimchi and rice with a fried egg. Or breakfast for dinner.

    Even these meals are really, really low-maintenance. The spaghetti is just one of those big cans of tomato sauce, which I've mixed with ground turkey. For the jambalaya, all I need to do is throw everything into the crock pot. Key West chicken is just marinated chicken "grilled" on the stovetop. I'm not doing anything fancy here. :-)