Monday, November 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: 11/15/2010

What's that you hear? Crickets?

Yes, the blogging has been sparse lately, but the blog is not dead (yet). JunkMale is in the final month of his Masters degree program, he just transferred to a new job, and Pearl is still not sleeping.

In other words, this is a busy time in our lives. :-) Hopefully the blogging will pick back up in the new year.

In the meantime, here is a peek into what we're eating this week. This week is another Korean food week. Since Pearl loves kimchi so much (and she does - I can't remember if I've mentioned this on the blog before, but it's probably her favorite food), and since eating dairy makes for lots of tantrums and a hyper toddler, eating Korean food is just simpler for me these days. This week we will be eating some of our favorites.

Yesterday we ate out at a Chinese restaurant with a couple from church, and we brought home leftovers. Those will be our lunches until they run out.

I made soy sauce cooked potatoes (감자조림) yesterday - a triple batch! - to eat as a side dish for dinners, but it also makes a good lunch for Junkmale every now and then. A supplement to lunches for me and Pearl will hopefully be seaweed soup, if I'm able to motivate myself to make it.

Last night's dinner was kimchi and soft tofu stew with soybean paste (김치 된장 순두부찌개). I'm aiming for the taste of the soybean paste soft tofu stew at a local restaurant, but I'm not quite there yet. I think last night's recipe held promise, but it needs some more work.

Tonight we're going to have spicy mixed noodles (비빔면). It's one of our favorite dishes in our house because it's easy and delicious. Once that runs out (maybe Wednesday or Thursday), I'm going to make Japanese style curry. If I get around to it, I'm going to post my updated recipe for this when I make it.

By the time we run out of curry, I'm hoping it will be the weekend because I'm planning to make either kimchi pancakes or mung bean pancakes to help use up our very old kimchi. These are more labor-intensive than the other recipes, and it will help immensely to have another adult around to watch Pearl - or the food!

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  • Iris

    Mmmmm.....비빔면, curry, 김치 pancakes, 빈대떡....*sigh* Sounds like it will be a very delicious week!!