Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mommy advice needed

Pearl has recently learned how to get partially out of her car seat. Although I feel like I am strapping her in there tightly enough, she is still able to wriggle her arms out of the restraints. This usually happens when she is upset with being in the car seat and is crying. Of course, that amounts to at least 33% of the time we're in the car. :-P

Has anyone else had a Houdini baby? How do you keep your child safe without cutting off blood circulation?

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  • Sherry

    Well, of course I did (you) but you unbuckled the straps. And that was when the car was stopped & we were getting out of the car. I don't think a child is able to do that today (I can't even unbuckle my own grandchildren, so they are child & grandmother proof). It seems so tight anyway, I don't know how you can make it tighter. The only suggestion I have is a consequence for her if she takes it off while driving. Not fun for you or her, but much better than if she continues to get out.

  • Birdie

    I went through this with my daughter when she was small and have recently had to deal with it again with my youngest boy. The only thing that has worked for me is consistently pulling over and strapping the child back in and scolding her/him. With the youngest boy, ironically, his older sister (the very one who pulled the same stunt as a wee one) would often sit close to him and hold onto his car seat straps so that he could not get them undone!

  • Headmistress, zookeeper

    Contact the car seat company and tell them your child is able to wiggle out.