Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Important Moment in Pearl's Life

Today, we decided that we would introduce Pearl to the world of Star Wars. Since it's such a monumental occasion, we thought it would be fun to take notes during the watching, to record her reactions. So consider this a live blogging the first watching of Episode IV. Will be updated as we watch.

DVD menu - she says she's afraid of the music.

The opening scene where the Star Destroyer flies overhead - "Ohhh...it's a big!!"

People running aboard the Tantive IV - "running"

Stormtroopers board the ship shooting lots of people - "he fall down," whimpering a bit.

At this time I noted that this is going to be difficult if I record everything she says. So maybe I will just note the notable stuff.

6:01 PM
Darth Vader interrogating the Rebel soldier - "Darth Vader," clap clap clap. Uh yeah, I guess so. Clap for the Darth Vader, not necessarily the demise of the poor Rebel.

6:05 PM
R2-D2 and C-3PO go their separate ways. Pearl says "This way, that way."

6:07 PM
Jawas picking up a stunned R2-D2 - "Picking up, that. Hug you." Later when they are loading R2 onto the sandcrawler, "he's okay, that."

6:18 PM
Luke's family eating dinner - "I need that...I need that." It IS dinner time, after all.

6:32 PM
Starts losing interest during the meeting of the Imperial leaders. But Darth Vader brings her attention back.

6:42 PM
Chewbacca attracts her attention. "Pearl, what sound does a wookie make?"

6:44 PM
Upon seeing Greedo: "Oh, mouse! I like mouse!"

7:00 PM
We are pleased to know that she recognizes Chewbacca and Darth Vader on sight.

7:04 PM
Just inside the Death Star - "Chewie! Chewie right there. I like Chewie."

7:09 PM
During the "weapons malfunction", in a distressed voice: "Chewie! Chewie!"

7:13 PM
In the garbage chute: "Chewie, bye-bye."

7:19 PM
At the end of the garbage chute scene, when 3PO thinks they're dying: "Don't like it. Don't like it."

7:23 PM
When Obiwan meets up with Darth Vader: "Oh! Oh-BEE-wan. Oh-BEE-wan." (Repeated ad infinitim in a few minutes upon his death)

7:31 PM
"Drink it," as she offers Han and Leia some of her tea. (And more refrains of "Oh-BEE-wan")

7:34 PM
"Chewie here. Chewie here." (Her new refrain, after realizing that Obiwan is not going to reappear.)

7:37 PM
"Obiwan!" OK, so maybe she hasn't given up on Obiwan....

7:41 PM
"Obiwan, he... dies."

7:45 PM
Inexplicably, she breaks into song: "Trust, obey, no other way; Happy, Jesus... trust, obey."

7:55 PM
Harmony, at movie's end: "So what do you think? Do you like Star Wars?"
Pearl: *nods* Where's Chewie?

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  • Anonymous

    That's so cool/cute!

    Very interestingly, I just got back from working out, and I watched the beginning of Episode III while I was on the treadmill!