Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nashville Bible School Tradition

I found this to be completely fascinating. JM would probably enjoy that book very much, I think, and church history is one of my favorite subjects. I found it very interesting to compare the beliefs of two of the most well-known men in the Restoration movement at that time to the beliefs of the average member today. From the introduction to the book:

"This book recovers a piece of forgotten history from the first decade of the twentieth century. Some of the finest examples of kingdom living to be found among Churches of Christ are found in the midst of that heartbreaking year of division. The "best" of Churches of Christ in 1906 is represented by the life, thought and practice of David Lipscomb (1831-1917) and James A. Harding (1848-1922), despite the fact that Lipscomb and Harding participated in the conditions which resulted in division."

The division referred to here, for those who are unaware, is the split in the Restoration Movement that resulted in the forming of the Churches of Christ and the Disciples of Christ.

More information on Restoration history can be found:

Here, at a website put together by one of the churches in my area. There are also a whole lot of primary texts (for those interested) at this website.

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