Thursday, November 16, 2006


The future Mrs. JunkFemale and I will be going to Charlotte this weekend to take care of more wedding details in person. In lieu of bridal portraits, we're going to be doing full-dress portraits of the two of us. I can't exactly remember why we're doing that; probably some mandated handed down from my parents or something. We'll be doing that and like 50 other things. I don't know what I'll be doing tomorrow morning as she's getting all her make-up and hair done. Bring a book or something...

We'll be staying at her maternal grandma's house, which is always fun. She's 80-something and still going strong. Rumor has it that she bought herself a chainsaw for Christmas a couple of years ago and went and sawed down her own Christmas tree. Pretty cool, huh?

Here's a link (EDIT: for some reason this link no longer seems to work. Sorry. E-mail me if you'd really like to hear it...assuming it's legal for me to pass on the MP3) to our favorite recorded version of Be Thou My Vision, by 4Him. I hope the link works, as for some reason I can't access it at work (which is where I am posting this). We both have a feeling that we wouldn't like the song as much if we were singing it ourselves. I listened to this song constantly around April, when engagement problems were FLARING up. Ever since then it's become our de-facto theme song.

I don't know if this will even matter, but if anyone's going to leave comments, be aware that they probably won't get posted until Sunday evening, since we must approve of every comment before it gets posted. No such thing as unlimited free speech on THIS blog.

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