Monday, January 22, 2007

Blue Monday

I heard on the radio that today has been declared "Blue Monday," because today is the day that people hit their lowest point of the year. People will (supposedly) be more depressed today than at any other point in 2007.

The reasons why people are so depressed are as follows:

  • The weather (although my family loves it!)
  • The Christmas bills are beginning to come in the mail
  • By now most people are depressed about failing in their New Year's Resolutions
Perhaps if people had more hope during bleak times, they would be able to cope with such things?

And I am finding it quite ironic that it falls on the anniversary of the Roe vs Wade decision.... Kim has a sobering post about abortion at Life in a shoe that is worth your time.

For more on the depressing front today, Crystal indicates that she might want to look into foreign citizenship in the event that a certain former first lady is elected to higher office. I'll just let Crystal know that there is no reason to resort to such extreme measures. She and Jesse are perfectly welcome to share the bomb shelter that my husband and I will retreat into. ;)

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  • Anonymous

    *sniff, sniff* Blue indeed.

    Nevermind the weather; some people are just depressed because a certain fiance has to drive 12 hours today to go back to school, seldom to be seen for the next three months.


  • JunkMale

    Weather - Love it.

    Christmas bills - what? I don't get it. Bills as in people-were-irresponsible-and-chose-to-finance-an-HDTV type of bills?

    New Year's Resolutions - can't fail if I didn't make any ;)

    Guess I better get started on that bomb shelter. Oh wait, the homeowner's association probably won't let me. Then again, maybe they will, if I tell them the reason for building it. I wouldn't consider moving to Canada, because Canada's all socialist already, whereas the US is just moving towards it (with the Democrats and all).

    Hide me, Rock of Ages.

  • CappuccinoLife

    Wow, oh wow! Found your blog through Kim C's comments. :)

    Y'all sound like my kind of people. I've got me a Korean brother, an interracial marriage (and a LEGALLY immigrated husband :)), I've been both a stay at home wife and stay at home mome, and it looks like similar political views. (Hilary for president? *screams in terror!*)

    Now I have a new blog to read! :)