Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wedding Pictures

We bought the rights to these pictures, so it's totally legal to put them up here.

For a few more pictures, go to my website here.

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  • Iris

    What a nice surprise, to wake up and find some more wedding pictures! I love them. I literally did "lol" when I read the caption of me doing karaoke - at first, I was like, when did I ever have a microphone? But then I realized it was when everybody was saying a message to the newlyweds. =)

  • Iris

    I got this off of my daily "Wacky Websites" calendar. This is a short film of a fictional entrepenuer who has some ideas for Star Wars toys. Just thought you might be interested.


  • Tammy L

    Very nice photos!! :) Thanks for sharing. :)