Thursday, January 25, 2007

Making meat go further with eggs

I bet lots of you know about this already, but since I'm new to this whole frugal thing I'm going to post it anyway. :)

Meat is expensive, and so we try to minimize the cost of meat as much as possible. We buy cheaper cuts of meat, we buy chicken and turkey over pork and beef, and we use more vegetables to make the meal more filling at a lower cost. These are all pretty common ideas, but there is one that I haven't heard on Frugal Friday before (I may have missed it...) and so I will share it with you.

Eggs are good protein substitutes, and at a much nicer cost. When you are cooking ground meat (I find that ground turkey is the cheapest in my area) scramble an egg and cook it with the meat. No one will even notice it. One egg equals about one medium-sized meatball's worth of the ground meat. You can set aside that much meat for next time, or you can make more meals out of your current recipe. Note: the egg will tend to bind to the meat, so it will not look like there is any extra food.

Another idea that came from eating at Korean restaurants. In Korean cooking, it is very common to crack an egg (or two or three...) into a boiling soup before serving. You can break up the eggs or not, depending on your preference. I prefer to break the yolk and mix the egg around. This is especially popular with my side of the family if I am making chicken soup. Adding eggs is quite effective with clear broth soups, which tend to be less filling. You will certainly notice the egg floating around in the broth though... the soup will no longer be clear.

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  • Tammy L

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! But what I'm really commenting to say is that I love your header message on your blog! :D

  • Jessica

    I like that idea - I'll have to try it next time I make meatballs - or soup!

    peace of Christ to you,

  • Stephanie

    We've been doing the frugal thing a long time and this new to me! Thanks for sharing.

    ~another crunchy conservative~

  • CappuccinoLife

    Egg-drop Soup! :)

    I'll have to try scrambling an egg into our spaghetti meat. I've never heard that idea before