Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Real Life Begins

I had to go back to work today. Well, technically, I still have some vacation time left, so I *chose* to go back to work today. We'll see what this bread-winner role is like. There's a whole back log of stuff for me to do, so I can't spend all day blogging like I did my last day in 2006. Hopefully the JunkFemale can occupy herself quite busily so she won't have too much time to just sit there and miss me. Or maybe she can just play Rise of Nations to ease the pain ;)

I chose to remove the picture on our title banner because I got to work and realized how horrible it looks from certain monitors. It will come up again once the picture gets fixed, maybe by a certain SIL. :)?

The year of 2006 is one I am glad to leave behind. Sure, it had its moments...Pros: I got a great job, I got a college degree, and most importantly, I got married. But the cons: stress from job hunt, stress from (then) possibility of moving many hours away if I got a job in Maryland or the west coast, stress from parents due to engagement, stress from dealing with parents and weddings... I am definitely looking forward to having much less parental stress, and little or no wedding stress, although SIL is getting married in June and some of the stress might get passed on to JunkFemale, and thus on to me.

But I can't hope to have a totally stress-free 2006. I'm sure there will be some issues. And yeah they'll probably involve parents. I think my parents know we're not using any method of birth control. Hopefully they won't freak out if she gets pregnant "so early." (Hopefully we will not have much pregnancy issues, period) I don't think we've told them that we are going to homeschool, but I wouldn't think they would have much issue with that. They experienced the low quality of Florida public schooling, and I wouldn't think they're big on the socialization (socialism) issue, so hopefully we'll avoid that conflict.

Alas, here is a stressful thought! Harmony hath packed me a bit of kimchi for one of my two lunches today. In the cubicle environment, the smell of kimchi can waft far. If you 1) are Korean, 2) know Koreans, or 3) are/were in the military, you will understand. For those that don't, kimchi is a staple side dish in Korean cuisine. Among other things, it has quite a distinct and permeating odor. It'd be great if this were all I had to "worry" about in 2007 ;)

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