Saturday, March 31, 2007

Better late than never (100 posts)

I don't know who to credit for this, but I've seen other people give 100 facts about themselves for their 100th post. Well, this is technically our 103rd post... but I'd still like to give it a go. But since there are two of us, you'll get 50 per person.


  1. Graduated with an International Baccalaureate diploma, which he now views with suspicion.
  2. Has never been in a fist fight.
  3. Has never broken a bone.
  4. Never used training wheels while learning to ride a bike.
  5. Has no known food allergies, except maybe a slight case of Asian alcohol flush, which can be alleviated if he drinks after dinner.
  6. Never dropped a class in college.
  7. Once received a score of 18/100 on a Stellar Astrophysics test.
  8. Later outdid himself when he received a score of 10/100 on an Electrodynamics test.
  9. Never switched majors in college...sort of. In my 2nd to last semester, I switched from a Physics major to an Applied Physics major.
  10. Once was the music leader at his parents' church's English service.
  11. Speaks standard English, conversational Korean, passing Spanish, and MATLAB.
  12. Took Spanish from 7th grade to 12th grade, but I haven't forgotten everything since.
  13. Has rather hairy legs for a Korean. My dad's legs aren't hairy, so perhaps I get them from my mom??
  14. Is suffering from an early onset of male pattern baldness.
  15. Was a rather fat baby (and not afraid of dogs, apparently).
  16. Was not registered to vote until after the 2006 elections.
  17. Never pulled an all-nighter in college. The latest I stayed up doing homework was midnight, then I thought it rather futile, since I couldn't think straight.
  18. Never had to take an ethics course, even though almost everyone else at Tech did (physics people laid foundations for the nuclear bomb, why we don't have to take ethics at Georgia Tech...go figure).
  19. Is an ENFJ, sometimes ESFJ. I usually score close to 50% on the N/S continuum, skewed slightly towards N. From those descriptions, however, I seem more like an ESFJ.
  20. Lived in the same house from 1st grade until I left for college.
  21. Didn't have my own bank account until after my first semester at college.
  22. Has never fired a firearm, other than a BB gun.
  23. Favorite books of Bible include Ecclesiastes and Ephesians.
  24. Won the school spelling bee in 4th grade (winning word was "lizard").
  25. Dropped out in the first round of the county spelling bee (spelled "whittle" like "wittle"...my teacher thought I'd spelled it right).
  26. Is a rabid X-Files fan, has every episode on DVD. Can tell you the general plot and title of the episode if I see 5 seconds of it. However, interest waned in the later seasons (8-9), so I might be kinda rusty there.
  27. Participated in the early early days of X-Files chat on AOL as FoxMul116.
  28. Hardcore Trekkies would be ashamed of me, but I like the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and Star Trek: Voyager series.
  29. Only credit card debt I've ever had is because I accidentally paid $0.10 less than what the bill said. The finance charge was like $1.00 and the customer service lady waived the charge for me.
  30. Drives about 65 mph on the interstates, in order to save gas (it does save a lot of gas, try it!).
  31. Likes spending time at home, doesn't really like being out and about all the time.
  32. Doesn't sleep much later than 8:30AM, under normal circumstances.
  33. Attended "school" in Korea for summers at a time during upper elementary years. I say "school" because my parents only put me in for the interaction and language, so I was exempt from schoolwork.
  34. Is a big Calvin and Hobbes fan. When the last strip was printed December 31, 1995, I cut it out and still have it. It'll be a collector's item one day, just wait.
  35. Has never met an online contact in real life. If any readers are ever in the Atlanta area, make sure to let us know (I'm serious, I think it'd be fun, assuming you don't try to swindle or murder us).
  36. Considered being a Spanish major before high school graduation. Considered being a psychology major after being in college for a semester or two. Glad I thought better of it. If time were turned back, I'd definitely be an electrical engineering major.
  37. Hardest college classes for me: general chemistry I (and Harmony laughed) and honors physics II. Most boring class: industrial/organizational psychology.
  38. Thinks that thinking of 50 facts about oneself is harder than it seems. Thinks it probably gets easier as you get older.
  39. Has never been drunk or done any drugs (I'm really reaching here, it's getting harder to think of good facts).
  40. Would like a ride in a fighter plane one day, and would like to be launched off an aircraft carrier, both of which will probably never happen as long as I'm attached to Mrs. JunkFemale.
  41. Never paid for a hair cut until I was in Korea in summer 2001. My mom always cut it. Harmony will carry the torch, I think.
  42. Doesn't really like mushrooms.
  43. Favorite dessert is tiramisu, or whatever Mrs. JunkFemale makes.
  44. Enjoys a glass of red wine every now and then, or a Madras (vodka + OJ + cranberry juice). Yes drunkenness is a sin, but I don't believe drinking is a sin.
  45. Best mile run time was 5:59 in 8th grade (holy cow, how did I do that?).
  46. In the spring semester of 2006, I got my quantum mechanics text book signed by one of the 2001 Nobel prize winners, Wolfgang Ketterle. He was doing a guest lecture at GT's physics department.
  47. Has eaten cow, pig, lamb, chicken, duck, turkey, goat (it tasted "sweaty"), silkworm (not very good), alligator (interesting), eel (cooked, very tender), and raw salmon and tuna (somewhat acquired taste, but I like it). I'm always on the lookout to try different kinds of meat.
  48. In first grade, I said I wanted to be a "policeman or a scientist" when I grew up.
  49. Is somewhat afraid of cooking.
  50. Thinks centipedes are one of the most vile creations ever, aside from abortion. Ugh...even looking at pictures of centipedes makes me shiver. I haven't seen any centipedes around this here parts, which is good.

  1. My favorite technical classes in college were Organic Chemistry I and II
  2. I once won a blue ribbon in swimming the individual medley (one lap each butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle) because the two people who came in ahead of me were disqualified.
  3. I used to read under my covers after I was supposed to be in bed. Then my mom would catch me, and I was trouble.
  4. When I was in first grade I got chicken pox over Christmas break, and never missed a day of school. When I was in fourth grade I got pneumonia, and also never missed a day of school. I always felt like I was cheated out of something...
  5. I made up my own recipe for chicken stock, which to me is the best smell in the world.
  6. My first attempt at cooking was to make a loaf of bread. I had never made anything more complicated than ramen before that, and I tried it all by myself. If that loaf of bread had not risen, I might never have cooked again.
  7. Through a series of moves during middle school, I managed to graduate from high school without ever taking Geometry. This made for some painful courses in college.
  8. I love, love, love Nancy Drew computer games. Yes, I know the target audience is preteen girls... but I still get a kick out of them.
  9. As a little girl I tried to make up my own language. I just made up words for English words. When I got into high school, I made up a new alphabet. Perhaps someday I will really get into the whole conlang (constructed language) community.
  10. When I was three years old I used to love bananas. I would eat three or four a day.
  11. One day I decided I was a "big girl" and could peel my bananas myself. I unfortunately picked a rotten one, and I have never had the desire to eat a banana since.
  12. I went to 7 different schools in 3 different states between 3rd grade and 9th grade.
  13. The only things I learned in fourth grade were some bad words on the school bus.
  14. I played the flute or piccolo for about 12 years in some sort of ensemble.
  15. I am an alto.
  16. I once got a sunburn from walking for 10 minutes across campus.
  17. My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.
  18. I have formally studied Spanish, German, French and Korean.
  19. I have informally studied Greek, Hebrew, Russian, Japanese, and Italian.
  20. I almost majored in French in college, but later decided on engineering.
  21. I came to college with the very impressive major of Undecided Engineering. I later switched to Textile Engineering, because they offered me money.
  22. I graduated with a degree in Polymer Engineering, because the department changed names in order to sound more modern.
  23. My favorite non-technical courses in college were Ancient Asian History and European History Since the Renaissance.
  24. My favorite genre of books is historical fiction. Either that, or a fiction book written a long time ago. :)
  25. I used to get up around 7am every day during Summer Break in order to be at swim practice on time.
  26. But I was usually late.
  27. As a young girl, we had The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi on VHS, but we did not have A New Hope. This meant that I knew every line from episodes V and VI, but had no idea what happened in episode IV.
  28. My family's idea of entertainment on long car trips was to play Bible trivia games. My dad would always win.
  29. My idea of being a wild and crazy teenager was to go to a movie with my best friends' parents and grandmother without telling my parents I was going.
  30. This did not mean that I was always a Good Girl.
  31. In the first few months of seventh grade, I spent many mornings in the nurse's office with migraines. This was cleared up when I stopped eating donuts and pop-tarts for breakfast.
  32. I was the only girl in my two-year-old preschool class, and the only one who could talk fluently. As a consequence, my teacher loved me -- I could always tell her who was being bad.
  33. I once told my Sunday School teacher that she was as big as an elephant. I was young... I think it was meant as a compliment?
  34. I love to cook and bake and do laundry and save the family money... but I really don't like cleaning.
  35. I like eating fondue, which is unfortunate because it is quite expensive.
  36. I enjoy watching Korean TV dramas, even though they have plots that seem more like finite soap operas.
  37. In ten years' time, I will probably look older than my mother-in-law.
  38. In ten years' time, people will probably give me nasty looks when the see me with JunkMale. Asians just don't age the same as white people. :(
  39. I have never worn braces.
  40. I graduated from college with high honors.
  41. I attempted a certificate (15 hours) in French, Korean, Sociology, and History. But none of them were ever completed. I decided I just wanted to graduate.
  42. I am a big procrastinator.
  43. My worst subject is spelling.
  44. I have played in the pep band for an ACC basketball tournament -- courtside, too.
  45. I also played piccolo for a women's ACC tournament, but it was much less exciting.
  46. I think women's basketball is boring. Sorry to be such a traitor to my gender. :)
  47. My left leg is shorter than my right leg. Thus I cannot do squats (much to the amusement of JunkMale), or stand straight in one position for a long time.
  48. I have fairly big biceps for a woman, even though I don't work out very much.
  49. In third grade, I set a girl's record for my school for doing the most sit-ups in one minute.
  50. Years before the Star Wars prequels came out, I had dreams of playing a young Princess Leia in a future movie. This, despite the fact that I am terrified of performing in front of crowds, and refuse to watch myself, or even listen, when I am on video.

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    • Anonymous

      Speaking of Harmony and videos...
      1) Her favorite color is pink (pronunced with an extreme southern drawl: P-ai-ee-n-k!)
      2) She didn't used to be at all shy of the video camera. In fact she couldn't wait to see herself on TV after being filmed. We have the evidence.
      3) Her defining performance was as She-ra, Princess of Power. We have the evidence for that also!

      Your past will find you out! ;-)


    • Iris

      What interesting facts! I enjoyed reading and learning more about you both. =)

      ~ Iris