Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hello To Mysterious Anonymous Readers

(edited to add the coordinates and Kansas)

Thought I'd take a moment to say hello and thanks to some of this blog's consistent yet anonymous readers from Evanston, Plano, San Angelo, Victorville, and whoever lives at the coordinates (38, -97). I don't know who you are or if you've ever commented, but it's encouraging to see that some people other than family members are reading. For some reason, we seem to have a concentration of readers that are located in Illinois, Texas, and Kansas. If you're wondering how I knew, the Sitemeter link at the bottom tells me all of your deepest and darkest secrets. Please feel free to out yourself and leave a comment ;) Or you can keep lurking...that's fine with us.

On a very coincidental note, someone from Jacksonville, NC came to our site. Small world, considering Jacksonville is pretty small, and we have family who live there. I don't think it was a family relation though, because it is highly unlikely that the internet-savvy family members from Jacksonville would've come to our site from one entitled "Biblical Womanhood." In-laws might find this imagery to be a bit humorous.

Interestingly enough, we've gotten little-to-no traffic from people searching for interracial this or that. A lot more people come to our blog looking for Korean recipes, so I have instructed Harmony to fire off Korean recipes and romanized Korean without abandon. Maybe this will change from an interracial Christian family blog to a Korean/Southern cooking blog. The other day, some poor Korean person tried to translate the phrase "this will be the case" as written in one of our entries. If that person ever comes here again, "this will be the case" can also be stated as "the previous statement/point will be true."

There must be some reason why some people keep coming back to this blog. Do you find our writings interesting? Do you find them enraging? Do you find that you are offended, and that you like be offended, so you keep coming back? Do you have any requests for us? Any requests for what you'd like to know about us? Should I write more about politics, more about Korean stuff, or something else entirely? Should Harmony write more about this or that? Should we not receive any feedback, that's fine too. I have other things to occupy my time. After all, Harry Potter has entered his 6th year at Hogwarts and I'd like to know the details (although I already know the biggest details).

P.S. - To any readers in China...I don't know how our blog is not censored by your government, considering we espouse Christian virtues with deadly force and terminal intensity, without regard for whether or not they are sanctioned by the Chinese government. Well, maybe not deadly force.

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  • The Ramblin' Rat

    Woohooo, I'm representing Victorville! I think I found your blog from Cappuccino's blog. I've really enjoyed reading your stuff. I love the subtle humor your put into your blogs.

    I also think JM and my husband would get along great, however two engineers in the same room might be a little too much.

  • Rebecca

    Hi there from southeast WI!

    I keep reading cause yours is a refreshing stand in a wordly world.

  • Myfriendconnie

    WOOHOO for TX!

    I bet someone went from your blog to Biblical Womanhood then back to you.

    I enjoy your writing about this, that, and the other.

    BTW, I was discussing how China is not friendly to Christians or large families with my children the other day in the car, and when I checked my site meter later, I had 4 different hits from China!! Creepy!

  • JunkMale

    Hey Ramblin' Rat,

    If this couple met you and your husband, there'd be three engineers, sort of. Harmony got a degree in polymer engineering ;)

  • Birdie

    I think I just come here because I like your blog. I'm rather uncomplicated that way. I'm in Texas and sorta near Plano.

  • The Ramblin' Rat

    Three engineers? I don't think I could handle all that knowledge and logic. My head would asplode.

    I also work in the engineering field, however, I just answer phones and bill people. I have no clue what actually goes on.