Thursday, March 01, 2007

Making Parallels Out of Thin Air

Or something like that. I find it interesting that during the Biblical period of kings, even the good ones didn't always get everything right. One is led to ponder "They got all those things right, but couldn't take down the Asherah poles?" What were they thinking? Even Joseph took the Egyptian wife that Pharaoh gave him. Am I under the mistaken assumption that he wasn't supposed to intermarry?

Then I got to thinking about contemporary times. We've had the good presidents and we've had the bad ones. Among recent times, it's quite debatable which ones were the bad and the good. Even the ones that might be considered good since Roe vs. Wade decision still didn't do too much about the abomination. If we were suddenly transported back to old Testament times, what would the Bible record about our presidents?

Reagan was chosen as king. Although he succeeded in defeating the wicked Soviets, he did not remove the altars to the gods of convenience (abortion clinics) in his own land. To this day, people still offer their sacrifices at the low places.

In the third year of Bush, Clinton was chosen as successor to the throne. He did evil in the eyes of the Lord by not turning the people away from the sin of abortion.
He took for himself many wives and violated his marriage covenant to his original woman. In the seventh year of Clinton, a successor was chosen, one that the people thought would lead them from their wicked ways.

In the sixth year of George W. Bush, he had still not turned his people away from the sin of abortion, although he had the supposedly had the support of Congress. The Lord's anger burned against him for not leading the country from the wicked abomination. Because he did not listen to the Lord, the Lord gave the country over to further sin.

Now, whether or not my history is correct or not, maybe this is what things were like back then. Maybe it was just really difficult to get everything right. Maybe it just took a lot of guts to get everything right. Then again, back then the government of choice was monarchy. So if the king wanted something done, he could've done it. Why did some of them choose to leave up the Asherah poles and the high places?

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  • Birdie

    I suspect that then, just as now, people got so caught up in the details of their own particular lives that they failed to look at the big picture and step up to do what was/is right. It is an easy enough bit of selfishness to fall into.