Friday, March 02, 2007

New Attitude 2007

New Attitude 2007

I don't totally know what it's about yet, but I think the JunkMale family is attending. Were it not for a 100% parental subsidy (my mom doesn't like my sister to go places alone, even though she's now 22) and my sister begging us to go with her, we probably couldn't justify the transportation costs and registration fees. But alas, we were graciously offered one and accepted.
Any familiar bloggers want to meet in real life? Shake an organic hand or two? Converse via sonic/aural means? Please let us know.

NOTE: The non-Church-of-Christ people out there might be tempted to be offended at the paragraph following this one, so please read the long disclaimer:
I am NOT saying that emotions in worship is wrong, nor am I even saying that emotion-driven worship is wrong in any way, NOR am I saying that the Church of Christ way is better. I'm NOT saying that, so please try not to get mad at me. I'm just saying that we're not used to it.

I must admit, Harmony and I might feel a bit out of place with what I assume will be emotion-driven worship. It's been a while since I've been a part of a church that had that, and Harmony's always been Church of Christ, which, if anything emphasizes clear-headedness and knowledge over emotion (sort of Jedi-like, hm?). Actually, even when I was the music leader for the English service of my parent's Korean Baptist church, there wasn't that much emotion. There probably isn't going to be much singing that's not accompanied by lots of instruments and whatnot. Although the JunkMale family does not condemn instrumental worship, our preferred method of singing is 4 part a cappella.

In fact, it's been much too long since we've been invited to a singing session. If we got desperate enough, maybe we'd even drive a gargantuan distance to the Headmistress' homestead for one ;) Or MyFriendConnie's. While I'm giving shout-outs to church of Christ bloggers, any other coC bloggers out there want to invite us over? Harmony makes some *mean* meatballs, a really good from-scratch chicken stock, and some excellent garlic breadsticks. I provide a mean bass/baritone/sometimes-tenor-if-all-the-other-tenors-are-dead-and-I-feel-okay-reducing-my-voice's-life-expectancy.

EDIT: Don't take all this to mean that I'm not looking forward to going. I am. As I do not exactly know what will be taking place there, I can't be as excited about it as my sister though. Will attempt to read up on it more, as I have the time.

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2 have poured out their souls in electronic text:

  • Myfriendconnie

    We love to have company! Give us a hollar if you're ever in the TX panhandle.

  • Iris

    I'm sure we will all have a good time. =) If you go to newattitude.org, you'll be able to find the blog there as well as other things related to New Attitude.

    This is from the website (as humble orthodoxy is the theme for this year):

    "Humble orthodoxy is a commitment to believing, living, and representing the truth with humility. We believe that God's truth in Scripture should not be redefined or reinvented to suit our own preferences or culture. Our role is not to change truth but to let truth change us."