Friday, March 02, 2007

Natural Selection at Work

Korea used to be a very poor and largely agrarian country before the Korean War. I suppose, as such, this might have something to do with the fact that we tend to have flatter noses than our white American counterparts.

This evening at dinner, I was licking the spaghetti sauce off my plate in a most undignified manner, while Harmony used parmesan cheese to soak up the remaining sauce. I suppose that since we Koreans used to be very poor, the ones more likely to survive had the flat noses so that they could lick food off their plates without getting any on their noses. All the while our comparatively rich white friends to the west told their butlers to take the food away and give it to the dog. In Korea, we would have licked the plate, then eaten the dog ;) Or given the leftovers to the dog with the intent of fattening it up for later ;)

(Yes, I know that many American whites were poor as well. You see, I have this habit of doing this thing called "joking" every now and then.)

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