Monday, April 23, 2007

Cost Of Replacement

Harmony and I were talking life insurance the other day. We already have some for me, through work, but financial people like Clark Howard and Dave Ramsey suggest getting more on top of that. I had also heard Dave Ramsey say that a stay-at-home wife/mom should carry some term life insurance too. So we got to scheming. The question came up about how much each one of us was worth, in a purely financial sense. Companionship and emotional value will not be discussed in this here post. That's too depressing anyways.

She said I was worth much more than a life insurance policy, since I would keep making money, year after year. Then we got to thinking about the cost of replacing her. What would there be to replace? For one thing, food. She saves us a lot of money by cooking from scratch whenever possible or feasible. If she were not around, then I would probably be eating more convenience foods. However, in a quirky twist of fate, I also like eating healthy or organic. And organic convenience foods are a lot more expensive than regular ones. I would probably subsist largely on that and cereal, eggs, and big salads.

Then there's the matter of kids. Harmony is going to be our child care operator AND school teacher. So we would have to factor in the cost of child care (if not school age yet) and private school. I will NOT subject my children to taxpayer funded, government sanctioned child abuse, do you hear me?? In 21st century vernacular English, Earthlings refer to such institutions as "public schools." We are going to homeschool our children (sorry leftist readers, more power to family, less power to government). Harmony even grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me, saying "Promise me you won't put our kids in public schools!"

So...at least 12 years of quality private schooling is...a lot of money. Costs are further compounded if there are multiple JunkBroodlings. After just considering the costs of replacing her schooling and food abilities, I concluded that her life insurance policy might just be worth more than mine. She seemed to agree. So perhaps I do not have to worry about her slipping cholinesterase-inhibiting organophosphate nerve agents into my food in order to get at my comparatively "meager" life insurance. *

* - This is, of course, what is known as a "joke." There is no way to slip organophosphate nerve agents into another's food in a surreptitious manner. You most likely need to wear a maximum protection biohazard suit in order to handle such nerve agents without dying a gruesome and horrible death yourself.

These are not clothes I wear on a daily basis. She's a smart one; she would probably suspect that I was up to something.

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