Thursday, April 05, 2007

Farewell, and Statist Homeschoolers?

JunkFamily bids any visitors farewell for the weekend. Well, it's not even the weekend yet, but I'm taking time off and making it so. We will be visiting one of Harmony's grandmothers, and it is quite unlikely we will have internet all weekend. We'll be leaving this morning and coming back Monday evening.

BTW, out of the 10+ that was at this grandmother's house this past Thanksgiving, she somehow remembers that I liked deviled eggs and that I didn't eat much dessert. Maybe it's a woman thing, or maybe it's a grandmother thing, but I don't even remember what I had much/little of over Thanksgiving, much less anyone else.

I leave any blog visitors with a homework assignment, while we're away. Javamom's comment on my previous post got me thinking a bit.

Most or all of the homeschooling families I read about seem to be heavily capitalist in their economic views. I personally think it's perfectly fine to be an economic liberal (a.k.a. capitalist), especially since the true sense of the word "liberal" is at work here, unlike vernacular usage of the political term (which just means statist). Anyways...has anyone ever come across any leftist/statist homeschoolers that are always for increased government spending and think that the government should do more to take care of irresponsible people? I'm aware that homeschooling seems to have traditionally been a left-wing sort of thing, but it seems that we Christians are taking that from them.

Please leave us with some comments if you ever have encountered any of these rare species.

See you on Monday night!

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  • Birdie

    I met a few homeschoolers of the variety you describe while living in Arkansas. It was kind of funny in that they wanted the government to take care of their every need but didn't necessarily want the government to have anything to do with educating THEIR children (although they did tend to think that the state could do a better job on their neighbor's children!).

  • Michelle

    Hey I ran across your site through another. Just another inter racial Christian couple like yourselves :D
    Have a good weekend

  • Janie

    Yes. We have. We are a homeschooling family and have been doing the homeschool thing for 12 years now. My daughter belongs to a message board for home school alumni and there is an extremely diverse population there. Many of them do not fit the profile you would usually think of. There are many homeschool kids on there, some of them grown up now, hence the "alumni" who are out and out liberals. It was a little surprising to me. By the way, I just found your blog and it looks very interesting!

  • JunkMale


    Glad we could provide you at least 10 minutes of thoughtful reading ;) Please feel free to leave comments strewn about, etc. etc. etc.

    Homeschooled liberals might be scary to me. I know that they exist, but like I said, I haven't met them. I wonder if there are many liberal homeschooling families that are also large families? It'd be like a visit to a mirror universe, where everyone has their evil mirror universe twin (who always have mustaches).