Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Freedom of Speech Partially Revoked

After enjoying about 3.5 months of complete freedom of speech, I have decided to revoke the privilege. I have disabled anonymous commenting, because people are more brash than they normally would be if they have total anonymity. If you are going to be posting snide or sarcastic comments, you'll have to present some sort of face here. I apologize to the anonymous agreeable readers out there who would want to comment. My e-mail address is on my profile page, or you can sign up on Blogger (you don't have to have a blog in order to comment).

I have not yet decided to re-implement comment approval / moderation. If we start getting inane and incendiary comments, I sure will revoke freedom of speech on this blog.

If you are wondering what sort of stuff started this crack down, please view comment #2 on this post. It's not that incendiary, I know, but this seems like the sort of poster who could get that way if further provoked by Biblical tenets. Feel free to jump in on the conversation if you'd like. I have a response written up, but I'm going to post a bit later, in order to remove any perhaps-impulsive elements in my reply.

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  • Michelle

    From the wording of the comment, I would say it was a female poster and she probably isn't married. I don't think girls/women realize how difficult it is for men NOT to look and notice provocative clothing, especially when the man is trying to keep his heart pure before the Lord.