Tuesday, May 22, 2007

E-mail to My Senators

Yesterday, I sent an e-mail very closely resembling this one to both of the GA senators. It concerns the latest amnesty (sic) bill.

Mr. Isakson/Chambliss,

Normally, I am quite pleased with your voting record. However, I am extremely disappointed with your decision to support this latest immigration bill. These illegal immigrants broke a law or two (or three, etc.) by entering our country without a valid visa. This bill gives amnesty to those who brazenly disregard our rules. Amnesty for such a large group of undeserving people will cheapen our laws and encourage more illegal immigration. More illegal immigration will undoubtedly mean a gigantic tax burden on those of us who are lawful citizens. If this amnesty bill does get passed, please see to it that you respect your state/constituents and meticulously ENFORCE the existing laws. In the future, please see to it that you enforce the laws you pass; otherwise legislation is effectively cheapened.

I understand that without compromise, perhaps no bill would have been passed. I wish you would've taken a stand on principle though. While the illegal immigrant community wouldn't like you much, you would win many points in the hearts of those who are legal residents of your state.

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