Thursday, May 24, 2007

Advertising, and More Filler Material

Wouldn't you know, advertising actually does work. There are two things now that I have used/bought because of what I saw from TV and/or radio. First thing is car insurance. If you have ever watched TV for a while, you might have seen the Allstate commercials with the guy talking about accident forgiveness and whatnot. Well, Allstate quoted me a pretty good premium and so I signed up. However, JD Power and Associates rates them about average on everything, so I will probably switch to Amica whenever I can.

The second advertised service we used was plumbing. How special...it was the first ever home maintenance service we had to get. My sister would probably save the service receipt, since she likes to keep weird "special" things like that. We listen to talk radio in the car these days, and a lot of the advertisers use jingles. Here's a tip to anyone who wants to advertise: use jingles. Harmony and I can probably spout off jingles for a wide range of services: plumbing, electrician, pest control, home alarm systems, tires, brakes, to name a few. Jingles are even more helpful if they incorporate the phone number, which the plumbing people did.

In other news, New Attitude 2007 beckons. I posted on this back in March. In case there should be anyone there who has ever read this blog before, I'll put my Blogger name on my name tag, if we even get them.

Harmony's been feeling a bit congested and cold-y recently, but hopefully the worst has passed. The past couple of days have been pretty smoky and smoggy. As for me, stomach acid secretion these days seems to be overly enthusiastic in the evenings, for whatever reasons. It's not debilitating...just annoying.

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  • Ewokgirl

    Definitely keep that plumbing receipt! Not as a keepsake, but as proof of work you had done. If anything goes wrong with the repair, you can always pull out that receipt as proof of work done, and hopefully get someone out to repair the repair for free. At the very least, it's a good idea to keep all maintenance receipts and records.