Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Explanation for Our Absence

I wrote this post yesterday, but was not able to post until today:

Our recent absence can be explained by the fact that we were in Kentucky for the Memorial Day weekend. We're in the car heading back from New Attitude 2007. I had a good time, listened to lots and lots of people give very long talks. I'm writing this entry on my sister's laptop, which is plugged into an adaptor in the car power socket. I think I took at least 30 or 40 minutes of raw video footage, which I plan to condense into another one of my amateur-ish videos.

I took a lot of notes over this past weekend, which I have not been doing as of late. For me, taking notes seems to help me "get" the message better. Probably because I can't remember everything that was said, and my mind tends to drift. So I think I'll probably start taking notes again.

Every morning, we would meet in semi-pre-determined small groups and have devotional-type meetings. Harmony and I happened upon a group with two other married couples, one of which we got in some extended fellowship. As fate would have it, they were also an interracial couple who share many life outlooks with us. It was quite encouraging to have met them and spent time with them. He is half-Indian and she is white. I guess those white women are quite alluring to us non-white men. Anyways, perhaps they will be good friends and visit this here blog.

I think I might do a post or two on my favorite lessons from the conference. All the lessons will be available from the New Attitude website as well. My favorite was Mark Dever's lesson on concerning doctrine and unity. The link just leads to everything that was said on the 27th, so you'll have to find it if you want to listen.

Even though we were not able to attend a cookout on Memorial Day, I still had a burger from TGI Friday's. It was probably pretty awful for me, but Harmony and I split it, and we only have burgers about once a year.

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