Thursday, May 24, 2007

Latest Novelty Creation

...courtesy of Harmony's crochet needle. This is the third thing she's made for me so far. Would've been quite useful during winter, but alas. The project had actually sat on our bedroom floor for months and months. Then at my prodding, she decided she would crochet it instead of knitting. Of course, as cool as I think it is, I probably wouldn't be able to wear it much outside the house these days. Not exactly something I can wear and go deposit a check at the bank. (Don't worry, I'm not going to go berserk)

Here are the other things she has made me.

That above is a creature in a computer game called Half Life. Here's what it's supposed to be:

And possibly the most useful (and not novelty) item she has made me is a Korean flag blanket. It was originally intended as a Valentine's Day present, but I wanted a big blanket, so it turned into a Christmas present:

(For reference, the computer is approximately 8 inches wide)

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5 have poured out their souls in electronic text:

  • Alan

    Well, if your heat ever goes out and it gets really cold, you can wear that inside the house to stay warm. Anywhere else and you're liable to be arrested!

  • Birdie

    Wow! Great work!

  • Ewokgirl

    Harmony is very talented! She did a great job on all of it. Y'all have a great sense of humor with that video game hat! :-)

  • CappuccinoLife

    I *love* the flag blanket.

    I should make one for dh--good thing his flag is just three stripes!

  • Myfriendconnie

    Please, don't go to a convenience store wearing that first one! (or the second one, for that matter.)