Monday, May 14, 2007

For Want of Coherence

You know, the last time I did a post lacking coherence, I believe the Virginia Tech thing happened. Let's hope that is not going to be a pattern, considering this time I also have not posted anything for 4 days (and am consequently a bad blogger).

Cursed thrips have invaded our garden. Harmony will venture out into the wild blue Georgia yonder to buy some neem oil. I was not aware that neem oil was used by organic farmers, which must mean it couldn't be that bad.

I'm finding that some of my clothes don't fit me as well anymore. Except in my case, it's that the clothes are too big :D I suppose I better enjoy my metabolism while it's up. My woman feeds me well.

Wishes of a safe trip to Harmony's sister, who is moving up to the D.C. area today. She will be getting married in a bit more than one month. Time flies when you're planning a wedding, huh? Actually no, only when you're not involved in the planning itself. I do not believe neither Harmony nor I have asked that favorite question for engaged couples...which, if you've been engaged recently, you might remember as "So, how are wedding plans going?" I imagine the counterpart question for pregnant women is "So when's the baby due?" or "How's the baby coming along?"

Getting close to one year on the job. Here's hoping for an early promotion...

Back in the Cold War days, did anyone ever wish they could read the news 15 years in the future to see if either side had detonated a nuclear bomb? I find myself doing that these days, except replace Soviet socialists with Islamic terrorists. I would hope I would find nothing.

I was quite surprised that France had elected a relatively conservative president. Good for them. If even the French get tired of socialist policies, then maybe all is not lost.

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