Thursday, May 03, 2007

Standard Disclaimer

Last Update: 2007 June 26

I got the idea from looking over Harmony's shoulder whilst she read Kim's standard disclaimer. Where she got it from doesn't matter to me. I found this to be a great idea, considering that some of our writings might offend some people. In fact, this disclaimer might offend you too. This disclaimer is partially derived from our We-Don't-Condemn-You-for-the-Following-Items post.

Regarding The Most Important Things
God is the only God, and Jesus was His only Son, and consequently the only way to heaven. The Bible is God's infallible Word, and is our guide to life. We believe that even non-Christians are bound by God's Word, and reject that not believing in the one true God exempts you from following His commands.

Regarding Education:
Although we have not homeschooled yet and were not homeschooled ourselves, we fully believe that homeschooling is the way to go, and that it would probably be beneficial to every family who did it. However, every family is free to do as they choose; some circumstances might necessitate public schools. I said that to cover for any situations involving abusive, broken, or otherwise toxic home environments.
We believe that public schooling, overall, is a messed up socialist institution. No offense to public school teachers (especially since Harmony's mom is one, and a great one at that!), but statistics show that teachers are more likely to send their own children to private school than the average American. That just *might* indicate that there's something wrong with the system. We also do not believe that peer-based education is the way to go. I can hear it now: "I went to public school and I turned out fine." Sure, it happens all the time (take us for example). But how much better you might've turned out if you'd had better quality schooling, more God, and better "socialization."

The Bottom Line:
We fully see that one size hardly ever fits all. We might make blanket statements about this or that, but we don't ever know all the circumstances. We don't know your situation, and we will make our best effort to extend grace to those placed in situations of which we ourselves would not "approve."

We will probably add to this list as we continue to discuss controversial topics which necessitate disclaimers.

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