Thursday, June 07, 2007

Denomination Quizzes

I came across this denomination quiz a couple of years ago and like to re-take it every now and then. I'm sure many of you have already come across this, but I wanted to post results anyways. Out of curiosity, I reversed most of my agree's to disagree's and threw in a few "No Preference's." These included some rather strange choices like strongly disagreeing that there is one God, strongly disagreeing that salvation is only found through Jesus Christ, and strongly disagreeing that Margaret Sanger's soul was composed of old coffee grounds and dismembered insect parts (okay, maybe not that last one). Those results are in the second column. That is what my mustache-bearing communist mirror universe counterpart would get.

1. Church of Christ1. Unitarian Universalism
2. Mennonite Brethren 2. Unity Church
3. Assemblies of God 3. Liberal Quakerism
4. Free Will Baptist 4. Jehovah's Witness
5. International Church of Christ 5. Eastern Orthodox Church
6. Orthodox Quakerism 6. Mormonism
7. Reformed Baptist 7. Presbyterian Church USA
8. Southern Baptist 8. Seventh Day Adventist
9. United Pentecostal Church 9. Episcopal/Anglican Church
10. Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod 10. Methodist/Wesleyan Church
11. Evangelical Lutheran Church 11. Orthodox Quakerism
12. Episcopal/Anglican Church 12. Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church
13. Methodist/Wesleyan Church 13. Reformed Baptist
14. Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church 14. Reformed Churches
15. Reformed Churches 15. Roman Catholic Church
16. Seventh-Day Adventist 16. Southern Baptist
17. Presbyterian Church USA 17. Assemblies of God
18. Eastern Orthodox Church 18. Evangelical Lutheran Church
19. Roman Catholic Church 19. Free Will Baptist
20. Mormonism 20. Mennonite Brethren
21. Jehovah's Witness 21. Church of Christ
22. Liberal Quakerism 22. Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
23. Unity Church 23. United Pentecostal Church
24. Unitarian Universalism 24. International Church of Christ

As you can see, the first five of the real choices are in good agreement with the bottom five of my opposite choices.

Here's another one I found. The nature of this particular quiz is a bit different from the one above. It seems to only include the more mainstream denominations. (I'd be much more willing to set foot in a Catholic church than a Unitarian Universalist one.)

(100%) 1: Church of Christ/Campbellite(100%) 1: Roman Catholic
(85%) 2: Anabaptist (Mennonite/Quaker etc.)(93%) 2: Anglican/Episcopal/Church of England
(85%) 3: Methodist/Wesleyan/Nazarene(83%) 3: Lutheran
(82%) 4: Pentecostal/Charismatic/Assemblies of God(81%) 4: Presbyterian/Reformed
(60%) 5: Baptist (non-Calvinistic)/Plymouth Brethren/Fundamentalist(79%) 5: Congregational/United Church of Christ
(57%) 6: Baptist (Reformed/Particular/Calvinistic)(75%) 6: Eastern Orthodox
(57%) 7: Congregational/United Church of Christ(52%) 7: Baptist (Reformed/Particular/Calvinistic)
(48%) 8: Seventh-Day Adventist(50%) 8: Baptist (non-Calvinistic)/Plymouth Brethren/Fundamentalist
(45%) 9: Eastern Orthodox(25%) 9: Anabaptist (Mennonite/Quaker etc.)
(42%) 10: Anglican/Episcopal/Church of England(25%) 10: Pentecostal/Charismatic/Assemblies of God
(40%) 11: Lutheran25%) 11: Seventh-Day Adventist
(28%) 12: Presbyterian/Reformed(8%) 12: Church of Christ/Campbellite
(28%) 13: Roman Catholic(0%) 13: Methodist/Wesleyan/Nazarene

My choices are my own, and not a judgment on how any other true Christian decides to work out his own salvation. Just because I come out Church of Christ on all these does not indicate that I am saying Church of Christ is the only way.

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  • Alan

    Interesting results. The Restoration Movement groups have a lot in common with Anabaptist and free will Baptists.

  • Harmony

    "Just because I come out Church of Christ on all these does not indicate that I am saying Church of Christ is the only way"

    Although I'm sure you would agree that there *is* an "only way" -- hence the fact that you didn't come out Unitarian. ;)

  • Ewokgirl

    I had some time to kill, so I took the quiz. I'm Southern Baptist, but that actually turned up as #2 for me. My #1 result is Reformed Baptist. I just found that interesting. I'm wondering what question took me from my actual denomination to Reformed. I suspect it was the one about female ministers. I'm pretty old school about women in ministry, even though I've never had a problem with female children's ministers, nor do I really take issue with female teachers. But I do believe that the pastor, youth minister, and music ministers should all be male.

    I was pleased to see that Unitarian Universalist was the very last one on my list. ;-)

  • JunkMale


    When I hear "Reformed," one of my first following thoughts is "Calvinist." That thought is usually followed by "predestination." Sometimes that's followed by "once saved, always saved." I would suspect that your answers to questions pertaining to those subjects made you come out "Reformed." Possibly questions 9 and 11? Maybe question 21, which asks your conviction on charismatic gifts (reformed Baptists generally do not believe those occur these days).

    If you came out with Unitarian Universalist as last, that means you actually stand for something Gospel-related. Good for you ;)

  • JunkMale


    I was rather surprised, when I first took that test; I didn't know we shared much in common with free will Baptists.

    I knew that Restoration Movement groups were similar to Anabaptist groups. If we'd been able to find a Mennonite church close to our house, we certainly would have visited. I wouldn't mind if CoCs implemented a couple of Mennonite practices I've read about. That's another story for another time, unless someone really wants to press the issue on this comment thread.

  • Myfriendconnie

    Interesting. I never knew Baptists could be "non-Calvinistic". Did you know there is a Baptist Church of Christ? I can't remember where I ran across it, but I read about it somewhere recently.

  • Ewokgirl

    Well, Southern Baptists tend to believe in predestination and "once saved, always saved" so I don't think that can be it. And actually, I did say that I agree that gifts of the spirit still occur today. I just don't believe it happens in the way the charismatics typically portray it(like an entire congregation breaking out into gibberish all at one time). So that question wouldn't have put me in that category.

    We Southern Baptists are pretty lax these days on women in ministry, at least in children's departments and such. But some churches are getting a little more adventurous and hiring female youth and music ministers, so that's why I wonder if the question about women in ministry is what put me as SB second instead of first. (Although, you really wouldn't know we're more lax these days if you've heard about the brouhaha at Southwestern Theological Seminary about a female Hebrew professor who was fired not too long ago because she's female.)

    The thing I hate about these sorts of quizzes is that there are often qualifiers that need to be added to a statement to actually make it completely true or false for me. For example, in terms of predestination, I do believe that God knows when he creates us if we will follow him or not. But I don't believe he creates us with the purpose of predestination, if that makes sense. He gave us free will, and he knows ahead of time what choice we will make. HE does not predetermine the outcome of our decisions; he simply knows what our decision will be. But I may just be muddying the theological waters with this discussion. ;-)

  • JunkMale


    I agree with your take on predestination vs. free will. I don't think the ultimate answer lies all the way to predestination or all the way to free will. The Bible seems to indicate one here and the other there, which for me means that the answer must lie somewhere in the middle.

    I definitely lean conservatively when we're talking about women in leadership roles. Ideally for me, most of the ministry positions would be filled by men. (and all the feminists wish death upon me) But if the need arises (read: Deborah), God will put someone in charge.