Friday, June 08, 2007

Pesky Chipmunks

My butter beans were producing such lovely pods. They were getting ready to harvest, and all was good.

Then there was the invasion of the pesky chipmunks, and now I have one pod left. Alas....

EDIT by JunkMale: JunkMale finds it slightly amusing that we officially have "varmints." He will undoubtedly not find it so amusing if these "varmints" develop a taste for his tomatoes and red bell peppers.

EDIT II by JunkMale: JunkMale went out and bought 5 rat traps tonight, seeing as he only found it marginally amusing that such "varmints" are enjoying our garden more than we have so far. They are loaded with sunflower seeds and lots and lots of potential energy to the tune of PE = (1/2) * k * x2, where k is the experimentally determined spring constant, and x is the displacement of the spring from its rest state.

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  • JunkMale

    No doubt this was the horrid and thankfully-unused 11th plague.

    Underneath that fuzz lies a blackened and icy cold heart, if you could even call it a heart.

  • Alan

    David: Alvin? Alvin! ALVIN!
    Alvin: O-Kay!

    Actually what you need is a stuffed owl to put near your garden. I think you can buy them at some garden related stores.

  • Myfriendconnie

    I recently researched how to deter squirrels from eating all of our pecans and found that you can order fox urine from the internet!! Who knew? Supposedly that scares the thievin' little varmints away. I never worked up the nerve to order any, though.

  • JunkMale


    I have read about methods like that as well, and I have read at least one person complain that all it did was give the chipmunks something to laugh about. I don't think we even have foxes here, so I don't know how much good it would do, unless GA chipmunks were born knowing to fear fox urine.

    I just saw it again as it darted out of the garden. No more Mr. Nice JunkMale. I'm going to Home Depot tomorrow and buying a bunch of rat traps. I've read about the damage chipmunks can do to a house, and I don't feel like saying "aw cute chipmunk" anymore. Someone on one of the message boards I looked up said that chipmunks were just rats with racing stripes.