Thursday, July 19, 2007

Behind the Scenes Dabbling

I've added some Feedburner thingies on the right, if you haven't noticed. Please let me know if stuff starts going crazy on your feed readers or Google Reader or whatever you use. Or perhaps you're rather low tech and don't use any of those. I don't blame you; if it weren't for Google Reader's ease-of-use, I would still be clicking on my bookmarks to read all your blogs.

I also wanted to try to implement some sort of Blogger plug-in to notify you whenever someone commented on a post that you wanted to follow. Alas, it seems as though Blogger is ages behind WordPress in that area. FYI, I am aware of co.mments and CoComment, but I wanted a Blogger supported plug-in that would e-mail you, whereas those other two services (I think) would require you to go to their site in order to see comments. If I could go back to November 2006, I would tell myself to sign up with WordPress. Keep that in mind, any of you who might start a blog one of these days.

I seem to have caught the blog administration bug. There could be any number of additional updates, so please make sure to let me know if something's not working anymore.

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