Friday, July 20, 2007

Places I'd Like To Go

A prime indicator of me not having anything useful to say is the presence of junk (Junk?) posts like these.

  • Maine

  • Alaska

  • Iceland

  • Antarctica. I'd probably find it miserable there, so maybe just a day's visit or something.

  • Some place in the Caribbean that has crystal clear waters. The problem I have with that is too much other people's epidermis.

  • Korea, by default.

Most of these lean more towards the realm of fantasy, except for maybe Maine and the Caribbean. As you can see, most of my fantasy travel destinations involve colder places and places that are not exactly social centers of civilization. I don't have much desire to travel to Europe in general. I'll make one exception for Italy, because I'd like to taste authentic Italian cooking. I wouldn't want to go to the Middle East because it seems too chaotic, and this other issue which is that I follow Christ. It would be quite cool to visit places mentioned in the Bible, but those unfortunately lie in the Middle East as well.

There's also the problem of food and lodging. Unless travelling by car so we could bring food and supplies, we'd probably have to eat out a LOT. And unless we were staying in a fully furnished cabin/condo, we wouldn't have anything with which to cook. Anyways, these might not be problems for people who make more money than we do, but seeing as we are not those people, it is a stumbling block to potential travels.

I haven't ever been much of a traveller though. I guess it's partly because my parents were never big travellers. The farthest place I've been is Korea, and that's only because we have family there. (EDIT: Harmony has pointed out that Korea is quite far away, so read that as "The only really far place I've been...")I like being home too much to travel too far away, especially now since we have our own home. And imagine how neglected the garden would be when we got back!

I wonder if anyone ever has said "I really want to visit Georgia!" and meant it.

Have you ever been to any of these places? Any suggestions or advice if we ever do get to go? What are some of your ideal destinations?

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  • Myfriendconnie

    I lived in Alaska as a child. It is beautiful.

    When we travel, we always take food and try to rent a place with a kitchen. It is usually only a little more than a traditional hotel room, and not eating out ends up saving a bundle in the long run!

    I also try to take homemade mixes in zip loc bags that I have prepare ahead of time, like cornbread, pancakes, or biscuits. Then I only have to add egg and oil, or whatever the wet ingredients are.

  • Harmony

    Iceland would be beautiful, but they have something like 20 earthquakes a day, and there's always the potential for a volcanic eruption. My vote for that area of the world is Ireland.

    And what do you mean saying, "The farthest place I've been is Korea," as if that's not very spectacular?? I would guess that most people have not been nearly that far away from home. And you've not only been once, but several times. :)

  • JunkMale

    Ah, Connie, the homemade mixes thing is a very good tip. However, if flying, I wonder how well the airport screeners would react to all sorts of white-ish mixes in our bags? I wonder if they would freak out if we put pre-made mixes in the checked baggage? However, checking bags is also a hassle :p

  • Anna

    I'll second Harmony on Ireland, followed by Austria, Switzerland, Hungary...and Portland, Oregon. If I'm a really good girl...I can visit the last one. :)


  • Harmony's Mom

    Since my Mom trained me well to see America first, I am still looking for the day we can visit Alaska, Hawaii, and drive through the midwest on the way out west & back. Alan says he doesn't want to do that, but maybe one day we will be retired & can attempt that.
    As some of you well know, we do the room(s) with a kitchen thing as often as possible. On a good note, I have been to all states on the east coast & 2 Canadian provinces, 2 Mexican states & Australia (a 14 hour plane trip is not fun, but the country is beautiful!) Alan has also been to Germany. I think going to other places helps you appreciate home & also helps get you out of a rut every once & awhile.

  • Ewokgirl

    I used to live in Norway, and I've been to at least half of the states in the U.S. I've been to London four times, around England a bit a couple of times, Scotland, France, The Channel Islands, Jamaica, and sitting in airports in Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

    I'm not a big fan of traveling, which is funny because I come from a family that LOVES to travel. I'm a homebody, and I don't like to leave my pets. I enjoy visiting other places, but I really do prefer home.

    I don't think you'd have a problem with airport security with homemade mixes. I've traveled with white, powdered laundry soap, baking soda, various spices (I was bringing Texas spices to my sister in London), and my bags have never been so much as searched.

    We usually do vacation for around $1000/week (in the U.S.). We look for deals on airfare and accomodations, although we've also been fortunate to be allowed timeshares belonging to friends and family (free accomodations, in other words). Even if you don't have a kitchen in your hotel, a loaf of bread and some peanut butter are helpful. Also, since most hotels have coffee makers that can be used to heat water, you can bring oatmeal or the like for breakfast to eat in the room (if you're not in a hotel with free continental breakfast).