Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Following Comment Threads

Have you ever commented on an interesting thread on, say, barmy old codgers, and then forgot to check back afterwards? Well, you probably have, because if you remembered, then you didn't forget. I commented here that I wished Blogger had an easy way to follow comment threads. Little did I know at the time that Blogger actually does have a way to do this, and that it's already enabled. Since I never saw layman's instructions on how to subscribe to comment threads, I'll present them here.

Blogger hides these comment subscription links on a post's individual page. By "post's individual page," I mean the page to which you are directed when you click the title of the post. For example, clicking "Following Comment Threads" title up top would lead you to that post's dedicated page. You will also be directed to the individual page if you click the post title out of the blog reader of your choice (I use Google Reader).

1. When you find yourself at the post's dedicated page, scroll all the way down to the bottom, where you will see "Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)."

2. Since I use Google Reader, I right-click and copy the link address. If you use a better integrated reader, then you might just be able to left-click.

3. Then I go to Google Reader, where I click "Add Subscription" and paste in the copied address.

In the same manner as you receive blog updates, you'll also receive updates whenever anyone else comments on the thread-of-interest. I made a separate folder in which to keep the posts/comments that I want to follow. Otherwise things would get really crowded really fast.

Did everyone else already know how to do this? I realize I might be waaay behind when it comes to these things, but this new (to me) revelation will undoubtedly end up being somewhat useful. I comment on a number of blogs, and it is difficult to keep track of each thread on which I've commented.

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  • Alan

    Thanks... That's one of probably many gadgets in the blogging world that I've never taken the time to figure out.