Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Glad To Be Here

...as opposed to this month two years ago. I had yet to go home and have a face-to-face talk with my parents about getting engaged to Harmony. As I had not really had too many talks like that with my parents, it was going to be somewhat awkward, and I was very anxious. "The talk" was always somewhere in my mind; either at the back or the front of it. Perhaps you know what this is like. Perhaps you've had some stressful event like a colonoscopy, very-heavy-talk-with-parents-likely-to-bring-up-more-conflict, or a prison stint coming in the near future. (Which one I'd prefer, I don't know...maybe the first or the last option over the middle one) It just casts a certain gloom over your days, no matter what's going on. You're constantly thinking about it, and the stress causes your hair to begin falling out prematurely (it's a far cry from the plumes I used to have).

And I might remind you that in all this, I hadn't even had "the talk" yet. I felt that the sentiment of the situation had not changed one bit after the talk. True, the circumstances and outlook had changed, but the stress still lingered. It would not go away for another 9 months, when my dad finally publicly endorsed the engagement, which had begun March 31st with or without my parents' approval.

But now we're here. The whole JunkMale and Harmony (maybe I should change my name to Bone Thugs) unmarried saga had a very happy ending. I can quite 100% honestly say that I am really really glad to be here, in August 2007. Whatever happens to us now, we're in it together, and for life.

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  • Birdie

    Glad to have you (both) here! ;)

  • Headmistress, zookeeper


    Came over to ask if you knew about koamart.com or jbox.com. Jbox has more stuff, but it's also more expensive and sprinkled with naughtiness. It's very disconcerting. I was browsing through their stuff looking for things like tatami shoes, Japense gum, and a to-die for Japanese or Korean yogurt drink in little containers that my older girls loved and miss when suddenly I was confronted with icky comic book pictures of other (worse stuff) right between the adorable little miniature Asian foods for dollhouses and something else equally innocuous. It's like accidentally opening the wrong door at a hotel and startling somebody in the middle of changing their clothes. Except I was the startled one.

    Anyway (this is turning into a blog post and I think I may use it for that later)- They have fun stuff I remember from our time in Japan and our visit to Korea, and the prices aren't TOO leg breaking.

    Koa has lower prices but higher shipping, from what I could see, also more ordinary Asian grocery items and less junk. Jbox has more fun stuff, and more snacky food rather than real ingredients for serious cooking.

    But they also have more bento boxes.

    So- have you seen them? What do you think? Is there someplace else you order things from?

  • JunkMale

    Well Headmistress, I wish I could say we knew all about koamart.com and jbox.com, but I personally have never been to either of the sites.

    However, I am keenly aware of the little yogurt drinks to which you refer. Many a yogurt was consumed by me in my younger days, and some even in my older days.

    I take back what I said in my first paragraph; I just went to both of the sites. It seems that you are correct, and that koamart has more "real" stuff, and jbox seems more novelty.

    We don't really have to order Asian products, because the greater Atlanta area has numerous Asian shopping areas. And if the product isn't available in stores here, I can just ask my mom, who has like Korean women mafia connections and can get me lots of loot.

    It's too bad the yogurt is a refrigerated product, or else we'd be happy to ship you some. If there's some other unrefrigerated product that you can't find on those sites, we'd be more than willing to try to get some to you eventually. Just a thought.

  • Headmistress, zookeeper

    Dried cuttlefish comes to mind. I'm sure there's more.

    This is pathetic, really. I mean, I understand why I can't find anything in my dinky little hometown, but the HG goes to school at a *major* University just 45 minutes away- they have a huge international population. There was once a sort of Asian dollar store, and about two weeks after I discovered it it went out of business. We can't find anything else.

    I keep thinking we must be looking in all the wrong places. I am so desperate I nearly stopped an Asian family gorcery shopping at the Walmart in that nearby large Uni town to ask them if they knew of an Asian grocery store, but I was too embarrassed in the end.

    And I am just sticking my fingers in my ears over the notion that other people in this country are able to get those delicious little yogurt drinks while we are not. Lalalalalalala can't hear you.

    There ought to be a way to make them at home, but other than yogurt I wouldn't know where to begin. Why are they so much better than the yogurt drinks I can get?

    On a happier front, there is an Asian 'dollar store' that is going online in November. I'm very excited. I forget the name- Daiso? Something that starts with a 'D.'