Monday, August 06, 2007

Because It's Unacceptable to Go So Long Without Posting

Hopefully everyone has other blogs-of-substance to read, because for whatever reason, we haven't had many posts-of-substance lately. Perhaps as the weather starts getting colder, we will start churning out more thought-provoking posts.

So what is going on with us? Well, Saturday (the 4th) was probably the most eventful day since last post. On Friday the 3rd, Harmony noticed some extremely tiny bugs that seemed to be gathered around a box of oranges she'd bought earlier. This was discovered Friday night, so we killed some and then went to bed. Next morning, they were still there. So the investigation continued, and bugs were found to be sparsely scattered throughout the bottom row of the cupboard. At this point, emotional distress was at a high point as Harmony thought all of her spices and baking materials might be being eaten by horrid creatures. After much searching on the internet, she deduced that they were either thrips or booklice. We deduced that they were booklice, since most of them were found inside a (supposedly) airtight container of 10+ grain rice mixture. After that, all the grain products were put in the freezer to kill booklice eggs and halt mature booklice activity. And then Harmony felt better.

Later that day, we went to the nearby lake with friends from church, who also happen to have a boat. We spent about 4 hours on the water. Most of my 4 hours was spent playing with their wonderfully unsocialized kids, whilst Harmony engaged in discussions concerning life, the universe, and everything. I found out that one is not as buoyant in a freshwater lake than in a swimming pool or ocean. I also did water sports for the first time in my life (kneeboarding). This is somewhat pitiful, as I lived in Florida for more than 15 years. It was alleged that I caught on very quickly, but what do I know? Harmony later reported that everytime the kneeboard threw me off, her heart jumped into her throat.

Due to prior water activities, I am now very sore, as I hadn't gone swimming in a loooong time. Mostly my trapezius muscles, from having to maintain proper tension on the tow rope when kneeboarding.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I need to buy new board shorts. The two that I currently have were bought when I weighed about 20-30 pounds more than I currently do. They sort of...hang off me now. The daughter noted a couple of times that I need to pull my pants up. Thank you.

We're finally getting ripe tomatoes as well. Currently four tomatoes are ripening in a paper bag. Our bell peppers are starting to turn from green to yellow, and hopefully they will continue on to red. Planning for the fall garden is being thought of, and we are also very seriously considering extending our backyard fence back about 15 feet or so (the garden and the expansion are somewhat related). Hopefully the homeowner's association will let us do this, and hopefully it will be a cost-effective way to raise house value and our own enjoyment of the property.

In other words, we're not dead; we're doing just fine ;)

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  • Birdie

    Glad to read that life is being good to you right now. As for blogging on things of substance, well.... I'm not doing that right now either. It is SUMMER, you know! I intend to relax and enjoy a little bit of it, too! ;)

  • Laura

    Temporary lack of blogging? Totally understandable. I'm glad to know that you both are still out there, though!