Monday, September 17, 2007

Obligatory Seasons Post

Since I've seen weather-change posts on a number of other blogs, I figured I'd chime in with my 2 Republic credits.

Harmony and I are thrilled that it's finally starting to cool down a bit here in Georgia. It could just be a cold front, as the weather did appear to change overnight, but we're hoping it's a real season change. We are puzzled at people who like summer and apparently like to sweat and get dirty and smelly (maybe I misunderstand those people). Unless they're Asian, in which case they get sweaty and dirty, but not smelly unless they are left to ferment for a few days. It's nice never having to worry about deodorant :D Anyways, I suppose that people who like summer and hot weather are correspondingly puzzled at us too.

I think one of the big reasons I like cold weather is because I grew up in Florida. It was always hot, and so cold weather was like a treat to me. Anything lower than 50 degrees qualified as freezing Arctic sub-zero temperatures (and still does, for me). To this day, I still think it's cool (in more than one way) to be able to see my breath condense on chilly days. There's just something I love about being inside a warm house knowing that it's cold outside. However, this might all be different if I grew up in frigid Arctic climates.

There's also a very good thermodynamic reason why I like cold weather. It is much easier to warm your body up, rather than cool it down. As long as you feed your body, your body is constantly generating heat. Anyone can harvest the already created heat energy by putting on more clothes. If that doesn't work, get moving and start burning some calories, which will generate more heat. It is much easier to control your own temperature when the weather is cold and you have sufficient clothing.

Contrast all that with when it's hot. If your air conditioning goes out, there are only so many items that you can remove from your body. It's not like you can start taking off dermal layers. You are doomed to a life of hot sweat, whereas in cold weather, you just put on tons of clothes and eventually you will be fine. Assuming you have the clothes to put on. I can imagine that if I were a homeless person, I would hate winters.

Speaking of which, another reason why I like cold weather is because women are more likely to cover up more skin! Being that they are women and thus have less muscle mass than men, women are much more likely to feel colder than the average man, and thus will wear more clothes. Hooray for cold weather!

As you will remember from freshman physics class, heat is what is created and moved around, not cold. If anything feels cold, it is because it lacks heat and is consequently drawing heat from the surrounding environment in order to achieve equilibrium. You cannot create "cold."

I should also mention that I like rain. Put the two together and you get cold rainy weather, which Harmony and I also love. When everyone else is complaining about "yucky" weather, Harmony and I are silently thinking about what a beautiful day it is. Ironically, it seems that whenever I don't want it to rain (like if I have outdoor plans), it rains, or threatens to rain.

If you really really like hot weather, please post your well-thought-out reasons. I keep an open mind, but still maintain that there's only so much you can do to beat hard scientific reason.

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  • Thehotrod5

    Well we are opposites then! I grew up in Fl, now live in Indiana and can NOT STAND the winter lol. It is WAAAY too cold for me. I love summer and all the fun summer activites that go with heat. ALthough...I am starting to change as now Autumn is becoming my favorite season. Runny noses, sweatshirts, the changing of leaves...and pumpkin lol Fun stuff!


  • Timotheus

    I agree with pretty much everything you said. What really befuddles me is why people like to grill out in the hot part of the summer, as though being outside isn't hot enough on its own. I can see the benefit of not heating up the house, but I think there are better ways to cope than building a fire when it's already 100 F. My wife think I'm weird for preferring to grill when it's cool (or cold) outside.