Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Blog Contributor

Note from JunkMale: Introducing the latest member to our blog, our dog Luna!

hello everyone. my daddy wanted me to post some of my doggy thoughts on their "blawg" thingy, whatever that is. so here i am!

i am a bichon-poodle mix, born on august 14, 2007. you can see my profile for more information like that.

i like my owners so far. they are nice to me and feed me, but sometimes they will be very mean and leave me in my crate for long periods of time (like, a whole hour, or even all night!). they also don't like it when i chew on some of their things, but what am i supposed to do? i am just a puppy. i like to chew on mommy's pink slippers, because they're soft and they smell like her. i like to chew on daddy's socks and pants as he walks by. he looks pretty funny trying not to step on me.

mommy and daddy mention lots of stuff about "alpha" and "asserting dominance." i don't know what all that means, but maybe that's why they sometimes don't pay attention to me when I bark at them. most of the times, they call my barking "kyoot," but sometimes they just ignore me. i can tell my daddy doesn't want to ignore me though. they say "no" to me a lot, but i'm just a puppy and don't really know what that means.

i have taught my owners a new trick! whenever i scratch the sliding glass door to the backyard, they let me out! they seem very pleased when i scratch the door when i have to pee or poop. don't tell them i said this, but sometimes when i scratch the door, i just want to play outside.

here's another video of me!

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