Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Small Question

I wonder how many people will be absent from their church tonight because of Halloween?

We had the usual sized crowd last night. All (3?) of the babies were decked out in pumpkin gear or some other mode of costume. Most of the usual families in attendance. Some families were not present, but we don't know why. Aside from the fact that some absences might've been Halloween-related, this week was standard as far as absences/attendance goes.

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  • Thehotrod5

    hehe not us:) we will be there front and center:) we (as a personal choice) don't celebrate the holiday so it wouldnt matter to us either way. Have a blessed day!


  • Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks

    What she said.

  • Thehotrod5

    lol Connie..for us we had the same general crowd. We are a very small congregation though and there is only 1 other family with children and no, they were not there. Their kids have beeen talking about going out for Halloween for a while now so we were pretty sure they would be gone.


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