Tuesday, November 06, 2007

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I've been wanting to write something about my feelings about recent events. So far I've gone through about three or four different posts, none of which I ended up publishing, because they sounded too whiny, too bitter, or too both.

For those with children, please do me a favor and thank God that you have them.

Among the conservative homeschooling Christian blogosphere, there's lots of talk about "letting God control family size." Usually this applies to the upper limit, but I hardly hear about the lower limit: letting God control family size, even if it means none. This is something that we are praying that God will prepare us for (that's probably a horrible sentence, grammatically).

It might seem to you as if we are jumping the gun; after all, we've "only" had two consecutive miscarriages, and the obstetricians seem to be nonplussed about our situation. We have heard of women who had 2+ miscarriages at first, then went on to have children. But there's no guarantee that that will happen to us. God has His ways, and they are quite above our ways. Perhaps He has a reason why we're going through this; perhaps not. It's pointless to ponder, impossible to know for sure, and not our place to question it.

So if you would, please pray for us, that we would have ourselves decrease, and have Christ increase. That we would surrender ourselves to God's will, and be content with whatever family God will give us, whether it's a happy home full of 10 biological children, or a happy home full of adopted children (human or furry variety). Or whatever other variations there are.

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  • Ron and Ginny

    I understand. We had a stillborn son about 24 years ago and nothing since. We chose to accept God's plan for us, even though it appears to be no children. It was VERY hard at first, but it is normal for us now. The only time I get all worked up over it is when people feel sorry for me for any length of time. There is no need for that! :-D We have never sought extraordinary means to have children. I have even had two women offer to be surrogates for me! :-( No, accepting God's will in family size DOES include even if it is zero. Thanks for a good post. I hope and pray that you will come to terms with it soon and find joy in it.

  • Thehotrod5

    Hey guys:) I would love to share my story with ya! Do you have an offline email? Mine is the thehotrod5@netzero.net



  • Michelle

    Thanks for sharing your feelings. I can pray!

  • Mrs. T

    That, too, is "openness to life," which is shorthand for "openness to God's will for our life."

    (I know this is an old post, but I've just discovered y'all, and this post happens to have been written on my birthday . . . ).

  • JunkMale

    Thanks for commenting, Mrs. T. We appreciate new readers, and don't mind comments on old posts at all. Happy very belated birthday to you ;)