Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mischievous Luna

yesterday was a good day. i was able to keep mommy's attention all day! for any other puppies that would like to try, here's how i did it:

it helps to do all this when it's cold outside. then you can use the excuse that it's too cold for you to go to the bathroom out there. so whenever mommy brought me outside, i would just walk right back to the door. it was too cold outside! so she brought me back inside.

i felt like being weird, so i decided to just sit in the kitchen area for lots of the day. because i hadn't peed or pooped outside, mommy was watching me like a hawk. this is a very good way to keep her attention on me! every now and then, she would look somewhere else, so that's when i took my opportunity to go to the bathroom. i know they don't like it when i go inside, but it's so much easier that way.

when daddy got home, i think i heard mommy saying that she didn't get one thing done because she had to watch me the whole time. but that's not true, because she paid attention to me all day!

i had a lot more energy yesterday, and neither me nor mommy nor daddy know why. and when 9 pm came along, i began my usual nightly hyperactivity. sometimes a puppy just doesn't want to sleep at night. mommy put me in my crate a little bit later, which i didn't like. but i fell asleep pretty soon. when i woke up, it was all dark and mommy and daddy were sleeping...but i wanted to play, so i started making noises. mommy got up and took me out, but it was too cold outside to do anything! i had already done my business in my crate, so i don't know why she took me out in the first place. mommy got me some food, and a bit later i fell asleep.

then i woke up again later...i think daddy said it was 5-15 or something like that, and that he might as well take care of me, then go in to work * early. daddy shut me in my crate and left me in the computer room...i guess mommy needs sleep or something. it's very lonely in here.

* - i don't know what "work" means...but i think it has something to do with why he disappears for about 10 hours, then emerges from the garage about 5 pm. what does he do in there all day? why doesn't he come inside and play with me?

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2 have poured out their souls in electronic text:

  • Alan

    Silly Luna! Daddy just has to go out and make all the groceries, puppy toys, and other stuff that he and Mommy bring home sometimes.

  • Ewokgirl

    It's okay, Luna. My kitties don't understand the concept of daddy going to work, either. And they think the garage is magic because we bring fresh bags of food in from there, and that's where daddy disappears to and reappears from every weeknight.

    Be good! You really are a cutie!