Saturday, December 08, 2007

Our New Freezer!

yesterday, mommy and daddy (m/d) took me in the car. we went to someone else's house and switched cars (daddy said he borrowed a "truk"). it was a bit scary at first, because i didn't know what was going on. but a while later, we eventually got home with what m/d call a "freezer." they were very excited about it, but i didn't know why.

then m/d said we could save money on buying my food if we had one of these freezers! i've heard m/d mention different sorts of meats they would for me to try. mmm, meat! m/d said they could get better deals on meats if they buy in bulk.

here are some pictures that daddy took of the new freezer:

and here's their indoor freezer now (it was much messier and more full before).

you can't see it in the garage freezer, but mommy brought me home some new foods yesterday! she said she got rabbit and frog legs. i can't wait to try them! if only my brothers and sister could see me now. daddy was wondering if m/d could bring me home "mice" from the pet store to give to me. i like fresh food, so i was excited about it, but mommy said "NO." i barked at her to try to change her mind, but i don't think it worked. i'm gonna send mommy to obedience school the first chance i get!

daddy took a picture of me posting this blog entry.

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  • Ron and Ginny

    Luna, you are doing such a good job with posting, but you need to lay off with the obedience school for mommy stuff... You might give other daddies ideas... LOL!

  • Ewokgirl

    Luna is such a cutie! And a lucky girl for getting a freezer for her meat! I want a freezer, but unfortunately, the hubby took up the spot where it would go with all of his power tools before we ever got around to buying a freezer.