Monday, April 28, 2008

CA Gas Prices, May 2005, and Belt Complaints

I visited California in the summer of 2005. While I was there, I took the following picture.

Gas Prices in CA, May 2005

I took it because I was rather shocked at how expensive Californian gas seemed at the time. Oh that we could have those prices now!

In other news, as a result of a certain dog chewing on things which she is not supposed to, I have transitioned to a new brown woven leather belt. I hate it. It's too fat and it barely fits through the belt holes. I hate it. It's hard to buckle and it's uncomfortable. I shall call it "SATAN'S BELT." It would be a fine belt, if it were just like my old one. I wore that previous belt for probably at least 10 years. My old belt looked like the first one below. The only reason I include the second picture is to show you the giganticity of the leather strands that make up the belt. I don't have the womanly figure and the belt doesn't have that big buckle thingy.


I hate my new belt. I'm going to go out, find, and buy a belt that looks and wears exactly like my old one.

Are woven leather belts for women? I'm looking at some pictures of the belts are on suspiciously feminine looking websites. Many of the pictures even have the belt on a womannequin, like the one above. Have I been wearing a woman's belt for more than 10 years? I don't think my current belt is a woman's belt, since it is branded "Polo."

(BTW, I think my mom gave me this belt...I would've never bought this for myself.)

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2 have poured out their souls in electronic text:

  • Ginny

    No, they are not "woman belts", don't worry. Even if they were, you wouldn't turn into a woman from wearing it. Don't worry!

  • Iris

    Ditto on the gas prices!

    I remember you wearing that belt with our HT uniform. =) Wow, you wore it well.