Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Well-Stocked Pantry

Our Stockpile of Grains/Beans

Here you see the towering mountain which is our grain, bean, and sweetener supply - and the ferocious puppy who is guarding them ;-) The three large buckets on the bottom are soft wheat, hard white wheat, and rolled oats. More hard white wheat on the next row, followed by kidney beans, great northern beans, and popcorn. The next row up has hard red wheat, yellow corn, and barley. At the top (and most importantly, according to JM) are our sweeteners - evaporated honey and evaporated molasses.

Much of this has been in our house for quite a while now. We've had white wheats, oats, and sweeteners for a very long time. But with the recent 'sky is falling' talk of food prices on the rise and food rationing, we took it upon ourselves to buy up items we had previously only considered (then discarded the thought of) buying in bulk before. Most of what we bought will keep about a decade before quality begins to decline (assuming they are stored at about 70°F or below, with low humidity). I would assume that we will eat through all this well before then, so no worries there.

JunkMale adds: Don't be fooled into thinking that all these didn't make a gash in our account balance. It was a rather big gash, but probably smaller than it would've been, had we bought these items later this year (or in later years).

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  • Ginny

    Well, your stash looks very well guarded. Ours, however, only has two dumb cats sleeping in the way. Maybe thieves will trip over them and hit their heads and run home instead of taking our stash. It's possible...

  • Thehotrod5

    Thats great! I know people in our buying club have been doing the same. Do you buy the grains or already ground?


  • JunkMale

    We buy the grains. We got a grain mill back in January and will continue to use it happily ever after.

    Last night we decided we were going to move the grains/beans to our bedroom closet. The reason for that is it's the coolest place in our house, since we don't have a basement. So it might look a bit ghetto, but no one except for us has ever even been inside that closet before.

  • Thehotrod5

    Great! We are supposed to be buying a grain mill within the next month....I am VERY much looking forward to it. We live in the sticks so we are no where close to a Whole Foods or a health food store. We are part of a buying club where can buy in organic items in bulk....only have been buying "flour"...I am looking forward to the day when we can buy grains :)

    As for the ghetto look.......all of my bulk items are in large storage containers. We don't even color co-ordinate :)

  • Laura

    Our grains sit in a closet, also. I thought we were the only ones. ;-)

    Unfortunately, we do not have a ferocious dog guarding them. I guess we like living dangerously. ;-)

  • Birdie

    Just curious... Do you have trouble getting to the items on the bottom of the stack?

    Cute security system, though!

  • JunkMale


    I stacked the containers like this just for this picture. Now they are a bit more distributed, and one day will be moved to our bedroom closet.