Monday, April 14, 2008

Garden Update, April 2008

Overview of the garden.

Overview of our garden

Our peas are doing quite nicely, although some leaves have been infected with some sort of fungus. I saw one of the first pea blossoms today, which will hopefully survive the cold nights we have ahead of us (where's global warming when I need it???). Broccoli is in the back. The Romaine lettuce that Harmony bought last month is thriving, while the other variety is not. Keen eyes will also be able to spot onions along the white fence.

Peas, lettuce, broccoli, onion

Our garlic is also appreciating the warmer weather we've been having. One small garlic plant even fit the harvesting criteria, so we pulled it up. It turned out to be a straggler, not even with any cloves on it. Also, the lettuce that you see in the bottom left seems to be one that lay dormant throughout the winter (we planted in Sept/Oct 2007), survived February's tilling, then decided to make a grand entrance in 2008.

Here we have seedlings that are still in containers. From left to right, we have nasturtiums, tomatoes, peppers (sweet and Serrano), cucumber, and pumpkin. One of the pumpkins is from a seed that was packed for 2004. These will all be going into the ground on Saturday!

For some reason, our tomatoes are looking somewhat sickly. Many of the leaves are a very dull green, sort of even brown at some points. Harmony thinks they will be fine.

Various seedlings

Here are more plants that will be staying in containers this year. Lettuce is mainly what you see here. In the first box are some volunteer violets that Harmony found growing in our yard.

Container plants

If you really want to (Ginny and Harmony's mom, probably the only takers), you can compare this month's garden progress with last month's pictures.

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  • Ginny

    Wow! Things are sure growing around there. The things that are in the ground will probably make it through the cold snap just fine, but the potted stuff needs to be brought inside. They won't like the cold one bit. (I'm talking about the seedlings. The container lettuce will be fine in the cold.)

    Our garden is prone to wetness, so I have not even been able to get in it to get it ready for planting, yet. Usually I already have peas planted and the garden at least ready for other stuff. It has been cold and rainy, here.

    We could sure use just a touch of that global warming stuff, too.