Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Garden Update, June 2008

Maybe by this time next month, we'll have been able to harvest something! There's lots of pictures this time, so I won't waste any more time with this "talking."


Herb garden. Planted the peppermint in a sunken pot, transplanted the yarrow, and bought another lavender plant since the previous post about the perennial herb garden. We hope to collect viable seeds or propagate cuttings from all these herbs so we won't have to keep buying from nurseries.

Some of our pole beans have taken off. This one is doing the best and soon won't have anywhere to go.

Closer look at the bush beans (French green and butter).

Cucumber, and serrano pepper to the right. There are also two basil shoots in the serrano's pot, but you can't see it well.

Cuttings from rosemary, last year's spearmint, and this year's peppermint.

From left to right: planted some more nasturtiums, random beans from our cupboard, green onions, nasturtium.

The (mostly) nightshade section. We have immature peppers, as well as tomatoes forming on the Homestead and Roma varieties.

These overwintered carrots have been in the making for a looooong time. They've been in the ground since November or December 2007, I think.

*sighs* Harmony and I swallowed our pride and bought two pepper plants (probably courtesy of Monsanto or some other agricultural bully) from the nursery. This was prompted by Harmony having to pay around $3 for a green pepper the other day. Of the 6(?) sweet pepper seedlings we grew and planted, only one has survived. We have since planted more of our own seeds, hoping for a late harvest.
To rub salt in our wounded pride, both of the new pepper plants are hybrids. BUT, we take comfort in the fact that if these plants produce even the equivalent of 3 grocery store bell peppers, they will have been worth the purchase price.

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  • Ginny

    Beautiful! I know it feels good to see all that food growing in your backyard. :-D

    When I start my seeds, I usually start much more than I will need and if I have leftovers I share them with friends. That way I cover unexpected deaths, but this year, I am short on cabbages and tomatoes. I thought I had it all in control, gave away the extras before I planted mine, and then several died. Oh, well. Can't win 'em all...

    We have had rain yesterday and this morning. Got up this morning and suddenly the garden is covered in green stuff. And NO it is not weeds! No matter how long I have been doing this, little green seedlings are SO EXCITING!!!
    :-D My buckwheat cover crop is up; potatoes are up; green beans are up; peas are up; etc., etc., etc. I can almost hear them popping out of the ground. LOL!

    I love it. :-D

  • JunkMale

    In future years, we will be planting many more than we plan on growing ourselves. Especially peppers, which, in our two years of gardening, have been rather susceptible to premature death.

    As for us, we've had a dry week so far. I came home a couple days ago to find that everything in the herb garden was flopping over. We're going to be out of town for a number of days later this month, so we are hoping that it'll rain while we're gone. Otherwise we might come home to a bed of dead perennials :p

    Who doesn't love the effect of a good soaking rain on a newly sowed garden? :D

  • Laura

    Your garden looks spectacular! I probably wouldn't recognize your backyard anymore.

    I never commented on the herb section, but I love that design. It's going to look even better once the herbs have filled in. :-)

  • Harmony's Mom

    If my peppers do well I will share. Your garden is doing fantastic and I always enjoy looking at it when we come over. Monday a friend of mine went out to look at our garden and noticed 2 yellow squash!! I hadn't been out in awhile so that was a treat. Hope to cook them this weekend when company comes. More are coming. Sharing time is around the corner there!

  • Julie

    Good looking garden! Still have not had any harvest from mine. Thanks for helping me identify my pepper plants. :)
    Thats precisely why I planted peppers.. the astronomical price!!

  • CappuccinoLife

    I am so impressed by your garden. Y'all are doing a great job.

    My attempts have been so pathetic I won't even describe them.

  • Ewokgirl

    Wow! Your garden looks great!