Tuesday, August 26, 2008

North Korean Mass Games and 2008 Opening Ceremony

I watched a bit of the 2008 Olympics' opening ceremony and kept on thinking that it was familiar. Then I realized that if you lived in North Korea, this sort of thing is old hat.

BTW, all those changing pictures you see in the background of the videos? You think they're on a gigantic Jumbotron, but they're not.

Here are a few:

The best video (IMO) is not embeddable, but here's the link to that one. Towards the end of that one, you see some of the human Jumbotron practicing.

I wonder if the Chinese had any consultations with their North Korean friends? The Chinese ceremony seemed to have been more extravagant, but then again, maybe they're better fed. Or maybe it was because they had the world stage. I'm sure if the Olympics were ever held in North Korea, the government would try to outdo China.

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  • Harmony's Mom

    Amazing! The gymnastics in the foreground was pretty impressive on that last one. I think my Mom & sister had cards to turn in LA at the closing ceremonies in 1984 & I know they told me that they had little flashlights to wave at certain times and they practiced beforehand.